Pilot is the first episode of Justice League: World's Finest, in which the team's origins are revealed.


At Vandal Savage's lair, the immortal warlord is talking with a shadowy figure, who tells him their "secret weapon" is ready. Suddenly, Superman burst in, and tells Savage that he will not succeed. Savage laughs, and presses a button, activating a turret that fires Kryptonite shards. He fires it at Superman, shooting him in the chest. Superman collapses, and Vandal takes off in a special jet. Superman pulls out a small device with a button on it, and presses the button, teleporting himself back to the Fortress of Solitude. He pulls out the shard and goes over to a computer, turning it on and calling Batman. He tells Batman that he has found the lair of an international terrorist named Vandal Savage, who has been planning something of disastrous proportions. He tells Batman he needs help.

Meanwhile, in Central City, the Flash stops Captain Boomerang from robbing a bank, but sees an aircraft flying above the city. The police arrive and take the unconscious supervillain as the Flash runs after the aircraft to observe it. He sees it land down on a skyscraper, and out of it comes Vandal Savage, the infamous terrorist. The Flash attacks Savage, but Savage has an army of henchmen who attack him. After punching one of the henchmen, he sees they are all androids. The androids hold back the Flash as Savage enters the building, which is a science lab, and orders some more androids to come and rob the place. Inside the lab is Professor Elias Stone, who has given his teenage son, Victor Stone, bionic enhancements to save his life after Victor got caught in a car crash. Victor's bionic enhancements make him able to walk again after his legs had to be amputated after the accident, and they also increase his intelligence. Suddenly, androids attack the room and one of them kills Victor's father. Victor cries out as he is knocked out by one of the androids.

Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Batman arrives in the Batwing as Superman sees Victor's attack on Central City unfold on the news. Superman tells Batman that he has been absorbing solar energy all this time and is finally ready to go after Savage. Superman and Batman head to Central City, but are too late, as Savage has already gotten the technology he needed and is heading for his next destination, Coast City. The two heroes meet the Flash, who tells them he was outnumbered by an army of androids. Superman flies after the aircraft, while Batman and Flash follow in the Batwing.


  • Clark Kent/Superman
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern
  • Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Victor Stone/Cyborg
  • Vandal Savage
  • Queen Hippolyta
  • Elias Stone
  • Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang