Prey is a tv show about the DC comics team of the same name.



Alison Brie as Helena Wayne/ Huntress

Karen Gillan as Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Yvonne Strahvoski as Laurel Lance/ Black Canary


Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne

Taron Edgerton as Noah Kutter/ Calculator

Tony Todd as Calculator (voice only)

Katie Cassidy as Mortis

Bradley Cooper as Archer Braun

Michelle Ryan as Lady Spellbinder

Jamie Chung as Lady ShIva

Olivia Munn as Cheshire

Stephen Amell as Victor Sage/ The Question

Chris Pratt as Jack Knight


  1. "The Pilot"- It begins when a mysterious man in a mask begins robbing banks Helena Wayne is one of the people at the banks. She soon sees a woman combat the man. She then screams a super sonic wave knocking the man out. After watching the fight she decides to become a vigilante like Batman, and the Black Canary. Soon she sees her father Bruce enter a hidden passageway. So she decides to follow Bruce into where he is going. She then finds somehow an cave with tech in it. She watches her father Bruce Wayne in the distance controlling a robot fighting a criminal. Helena confronts Bruce with Bruce confirming he is Batman. He first dismissed Helena when she wants to be a hero. Soon a masked criminal attacked Wayne Manor. He then grows into a beast. Helena and Bruce combat the monster. At the end it shows Bruce talking to a woman in a wheelchair about sidekicks.
  2. "Prey"- Barbara Gordon gives Helena a contact card, and asks her to meet them at a warehouse at 8:00. Helena arrives, seeing Bruce, Barbara, and Black Canary, who is the ADA Laurel Lance. Bruce tells Helena that he wants her to join a team of heroes, so they can train her. Helena reluctantly agrees to join the team, and decides to join. The team's first official mission is to go after Warren White, who has kidnapped the mayor's daughter. Helena takes the name of the "Huntress", and helps the team takes down White, and free the mayor's daughter. In the end, Barbara coins the team "The Birds Of Prey".
  3. "Legacy" -
  4. "The Star" -
  5. "Hit"-

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