Raven, or Rachel Roth as she's time known by, is a fictional character owned by DC Comics and is also a primary character in the DC inspired Fanfiction The Red Right Hand. She is the primary supporting character of Dick Grayson, as well as a main antagonist to several other secondary characters through out the narrative.

Raven Roth
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight 115 lps

The Red Right Hand

Raven's story begins after Dick's return from Gotham after he confides in her that Slade may have had something to do with current situation. She then begins to suspect that this information may be borrowing deep into her teammates subconscious.

Later that night the Titans are called in on a Drug deal between Johnny Rancid and a local Drug lord and cocaine addict named Snowflame. The deal goes south after Johnny proceeds to take the drug lord out and the Titans become entangled in a shoot out that leaves Rancid dead and Nightwing deathly injured. Raven quickly runs to a shot Nightwing's side and proceeds to use her healing abilities to prevent his inevitable death. Guilt ridden, Dick tries to convince Raven to use her powers to help Johnny, but she refuses, telling him it's too late for the criminal. Dick then loses consciousness and wakes up a few ours later in the the tower with Raven at his bedside. She tells him that she almost lost him, then explains that she had to give him a blood transfusion to save him. Dick then realizes that he'd killed Johnny Rancid, which Raven insists was a justifiable kill. The two then converse about what he'd done, all the while Raven washing the dried blood from his hands. Dick continues to blame himself, insisting that he is, indeed, a murder. Raven, however, will not accept his accusation and tells that he's still "a good man."  When her words neglect to take, she confesses that she's not sorry that Rancid is dead and that if Dick had died, she's have killed him herself.

The next day she over hears Dick speaking with his mentor and Dick is given 24 hours to either take a leave of absence, or suffer the consequences of his actions. Raven waits until the call ends, then enters the room. It's there she tells Dick that though it may not seem like it, he still has a choice.

In the following days, Raven notices that Dick is exhibiting some strange behavior and confronts him. He tells her that everything is fine, but she does not believe him. She waits until he leave then sneak into his room to find an entire folder containing information on Krokidil and a small sample of the supposed substance. 

Dick arrives home to find her waiting in his room with the sample in hand.