Red Robin is a TV series following Tim Drake, AKA Red Robin, as he splits off from Batman and becomes his own hero.



Logan Lerman as Timothy "Tim" Drake/Red Robin

Chloe Grace Moretz as Stephanie Brown

Freema Agyeman as Julia Pennyworth

Alfred Enoch as Luke Fox


John Barrowman as Arthur Brown/Cluemaster


Season One

  1. "Pilot"-Tim Drake is the newest student at Gotham Academy. He seems like the shy kid, but in reality he's studying everyone around him without them even knowing. At lunch, a blonde girl name Stephanie Brown and her boyfriend, Lonnie Machin, sit beside Tim. Stephanie tries to talk to Tim, but he isn't speaking. That is until he points out a long black hair on Lonnie Machin, which couln't belong to his mother, as Machin is also a blonde. Tim then points that Lonnie has been acting annoyed every time Stephanie started talking, and how he keeps looking at other girls. Because of this, Tim comes to the conclusion Lonnie is cheating on Stephanie. Tim then leaves, as Stephanie and Lonnie get in to an argument. Later that night, Stephanie is walking home, when a man jumps out and attempts to mug her. However, before he can, a vigilante in red knocks the mugger out before disappearing. Later that same night, the vigilante returns home, where he takes off his mask, revealing it to be Tim. Tim then turns on the lights, revealing his home is full of cut up news paper articles, pinned to the walls and connected with string. He then turns on his computer, revealing he's investigating a villain named "Cluemaster" and that he thinks Stephanie is connected to him.