Red X is a fictional character owned by DC Comics and is also a primary character in the DC inspired fanfiction, The Red Right Hand.

Red X
Sons of anarchy jax teller sketches by kenji893-d89y43a
Vital statistics
Position Second in Command
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lps
Who Is Red X

His true identity is unknown, no one can really say with any certainty who Red X is or where he's from. However there are certain clues to his identity in the narrative, that should be followed closely.

  • He is Highly Trained: Red X took up the mantle of the infamous alter ego of created by Robin himself. Not only was he well educated in how to use the suit, but he also breached Titans Tower and successfully stole the suit from his secured location. This skill level could be attributed to few theories, but the most malleable is the theory that red X grew up in and around military training. In the narrative of the Red Right Hand X shows a detailed knowledge military techniques and practices, this could conclude Red X my have extensive military training and was most likely brought up in a military family.
  • He Knows Sign Language: In a story later set in the narrative, X reveals that he can sign when the Outlaws stumble across a a young woman who's deaf and mute. X is successfully able to capture the girl's account of the incident and when asked where he picked up the skill replies, "I had a kid brother who was a mute."
  • He has Horrible Parents: At one point X confides in Raven about his parents, stating that they'd buried him alive. He then tries to play the confession off as a joke after seeing her mortified reaction, however, Raven knows better. He also adds that. "as parents, they did really suck. My dad was a really bad guy, and my mom was always covering for him— though she was no angel herself. But together, they would have burnt down the world if they thought they could make a buck."

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