Rose Wilson is a fictional character owned by DC Comics and a secondary character in the DC inspired fanfiction, The Red Right Hand. She is the daughter of Slade Wilson, also known as Deathsroke the Terminator, and the Handler and girlfriend of Jason Todd.

Rose Wilson
Rose 2
Vital statistics
Position Handler
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight 116lps

The Red Right Hand

Rose was raised by her mother, Lilian Worth, or "Sweet Lily" as she was known by her clients, in New York. Her mother worked as a prostitute and ran her own, very successful, brothel.

Before Rose's birth, Worth worked as a high profile call girl and was the mistress of Slade Wilson. The affair went on for the better part of two years as Slade's marriage to Adeline was on the decline. Worth tired to convince Slade to leave his wife, in which Adeline found out and told Slade to end the relationship or she'd leave him.

As this was taking place, Worth discovered she was pregnant, but before Slade could learn about the pregnancy, his family was attacked and his youngest son, Joseph was kidnapped by an adversary. Slade then set after them and in doing so, maimed Joseph, leaving mute. Lily soon learns of the incident and decides to end her relationship with the mercenary and never tells him of their child.

Fourteen years later, Lily shows up unannounced on Slade's door step with a teenage girl, stricken with striking white hair and blue eyes. Lily tells him that she's has found herself in some trouble and fears for their daughter's safety. Slade agrees to keep Rose safe and offers to help Lily get clear of the people she found herself at odds with. However, Lily's brothel is amused a few days later, leaving her and most of her girls dead.

Rose is crushed by this news, making her more malleable to her father's requests. Slade, seeing the potential in his young daughter, and still stricken with grief over the loss of his son Grant, begins to train her. Saddened by the death of her mother and having little else to live for, Rose throws herself completely into her training and does quite well for the first year. However, when she plateaus, Slade becomes frustrated with his daughter's lack of progression, blaming it on her schooling and claiming that she's too distracted.
Rose tells her father that she'll do anything to become better, professing that she'll leave school, work harder, whatever it takes. Slade takes this as a go ahead to start administering a serum into her training regiment. He, however, neglects to inform Rose of the many side effects the drug offers such as: psychosis, violent behavior, mood swings and manic episodes. Rose unknowingly lets her father inject her with the drug, only knowing that the serum will make her stronger, but has no idea at what cost.

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