Steel is a tv series about Superman


Nolan North as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

Grey Griffin as Lois Lane

JK Simmons as Perry White

Troy Baker as Lex Luthor, Oswald Loomis/ The Prankster

Dee Bradley Baker as John Corben/Metallo

John DiMaggio as Rudolph "Rudy" Jones/Parasite

Tom Kenny as Winslow Schott/Toyman


Season 1

  1. "Pilot"- It begins when Jor-El sends baby Kal-El to Earth after Krypton blows up. About 20 years later Clark Kent now has a job at the Daily Planet. But soon Clark makes a persona to fight crime, when a crimewave happens by a group called the Intergang.
  2. "Metallic"-Clark meets his boss Perry White. Meanwhile a foe with a kryptonite heart attacks Superman.
  3. "Leech"-Clark and Lois Lane are sent to report on Lex Luthor's new Parasite program, which turns out to be a mutant who can suck the energy out of anything. Luthor's plan is to sell the Parasite to everyone, but it quickly goes wrong, when Parasite's new body begins to wear on him, and he goes insane, deciding to dedicate his life to one thing: kill Lex Luthor.
  4. "Toys"- Clark discovers a murder caused by a popular toy called Play with me Hal. Clark traces it to a former toy maker called Winslow Schott, who wants revenge on who fired him.
  5. "Just a little Prank"-
  6. "Dawn"-
  7. "Fall"-
  8. "Livewire"-
  9. "People like Me"-
  10. "Breakthrough"-

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