Steelhawk & Hawkwoman is a mini series in DC II, it follows Cyrus Coltman and Jillian Goldman, the newest reincarnations of Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara.


  1. Jillian Goldman is a living a normal life, she has wonderful friends, loving parents, and much more. But she is then kidnapped by a man with wings, claiming she is the reincarnation of Princess Chay-Ara, before revealing his name to be Cyrus Coltman. At first she thinks he is insane, but when she sees a picture of Chay-Ara and Hawkgirl, realizing she looks identical to them, she believes him, however, he all of a sudden stabs her with a dagger. He pulls the dagger out and her wound heals quickly before she sprouts wings just like Cyrus. Meanwhile, a man named Harvey Walker escapes prison, before claiming to be Hath-Set to a dying cop.
  2. Cyrus teaches Jillian how to use her wings, and the two begin to bond. Meanwhile, Jillian's family calls the police and they begin looking for her. Cyrus teaches her how to use a mace and gives her a suit. She decides to name them Steelhawk and Hawkwoman, before he begins taking her back to her family, however, the police shoot Cyrus in the arm, but Jillian demands they let him go, claiming to love him. Meanwhile, Walker is watching TV and finds out about Jillian and Cyrus, he then puts on a suit, proclaiming himself "Priest".

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