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Superman: Man of Tomorrow was the nineteenth of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the third film in Phase Three. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn and was written by Vaughn, Brad Bird, Zack Snyder, and Christopher Yost. Superman: Man of Tomorrow serves as a sequel to both Superman: Man of Steel and Superman: Man of Metropolis.


  • David Ginutoli as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
  • Zachary Quinto as General Zod
  • Olivia Holt as Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl
  • Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane
  • Nathan Kress as Jimmy Olsen
  • Ray Wise as Perry White
  • Ellie Kemper as Cat Grant
  • Billy Zane as Lex Luthor
  • Mark Harmon as Jonathan Kent
  • Emma Thompson as Martha Kent
  • Olivia Munn as Faora
  • Til Schweiger as Fred Danvers
  • Nicholle Tom as Sylvia Danvers
  • Sam Elliott as Sam Lane
  • Emily VanCamp as Lucy Lane
  • Colin Firth as Jor-El (cameo only)
  • Nicole Kidman as Lara-El (cameo only)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Doomsday (cameo only)
  • Brenton Thwaites as Garfield Logan (cameo only)


Merely weeks before the destruction of Krypton, General Dru-Zod attempted to start a civil war between the Kryptonians. After being found guilty, he and his right-hand woman Faora were thrown into the prison dimension known as the Phantom Zone by Superman's father. In present day Superman has been recognized worldwide as one of the greatest superheroes to ever live. Suddenly his older cousin from Krypton, Kara Zor-El, arrives on Earth; she reveals that she escaped Krypton prior to it's explosion but was trapped in the Phantom Zone for years in a state of suspended animation, before she was somehow released. When Kara was released, however, Zod and Faora also escaped. After discovering Jor-El's son currently lives on Earth as one of it's greatest heroes, they venture to Earth to destroy him and his loved ones. Can Superman, with the aid of his cousin Kara, stop Zod?

End-Credits Scene #1

On the streets of Midway City a boy with green skin is shown in an alleyway, sleeping in a box. Two hit-men arrive in the alleyway with pump shotguns, with the intention to kill the boy, with his name being revealed as Garfield Logan. The boy steps out of his box and transforms into a green gorilla and attacks the two men. They run and he quickly transforms back into a boy, before he himself flees the scene.

End-Credits Scene #2

Superman and Supergirl return to the Phantom Zone to make sure it is locked up and secured. As they shut any doorways to the dimension a giant, monstrous creature known as Doomsday attempts to break out of the Phantom Zone. Superman and Supergirl quickly fight Doomsday before escaping and shutting all doorways to the Phantom Zone. Supergirl is shown to be scared; Superman reassures her, stating there is "no way" Doomsday will escape.