This is the second comic in the MDC.


World War 2

It begins when Clark Kent participates in a special military project, and gains Super Strength, Flight, Super Hearing, X-Ray vision, Freeze Breath, and Heat Vision. He is also given a shield made out of a powerful substance named Kryptonite. Clark now called Superman, with a partner, and friend John Corben manage to locate the leader of a Nazi group named CHECKMATE. Super-Man, and John fights Lex Luthor the leader of Checkmate. Then Lex pushes John off a train, and Clark gets frozen. Then in present day Clark gets discovered by ARGUS agents Oliver Queen, and Laurel Lance.


Clark has spent 3 weeks in ARGUS training for the worst. Then he meets the director of ARGUS Amanda Waller who only has one eye. Soon a man named Bloodsport arrives, and is after ARGUS. Clark comes to fight him, and Bloodsport gets shocked since he disappeared about 50 years ago. Clark fights Bloodsport with Bloodsport leaving. At the end it shows Bloodsport talking to a man named Maxwell Lord.

Return of Lex Luthor

The Metallic Soilder

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