Superman is a 2018 superhero action film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film features the introduction of Superman to the DCFE universe. Unlike other incarnations of the character, this version of Superman lightly incorporates elements from the Earth-Two version of the character, Kal-L. Superman's Kryptonian name in this universe is, in fact, "Kal-L" as opposed to "Kal-El." Similarly, his adoptive parents' names are John and Mary Kent, as opposed to Jonathan and Martha Kent.


Rocketed from the planet Krypton as an infant, Kal-L would grow up in the Earth town of Smallville under the name "Clark Kent." When Clark's adoptive father, John Kent, dies, he makes Clark promise to lead a life of a hero...righting wrongs and using his gifts for good. Clark agrees, and sets off to the city of Metropolis, where he begins such a life, helping people when needed. When Alexei "Lex" Luthor is granted access to the alien ship Clark was sent to Earth in as a baby, he accidentally activates it, sending a signal through space. This attracts the unwanted attention of a Kryptonian survivor: Jax-Ur, whose guilty conscience strives to redeem himself by recreating the planet he led to ruin. Arriving on Earth in his ship (dubbed "The Eradicator"), Jax-Ur confronts Kal-L, stating that together, they can bring back Krypton. He gives Kal a Kryptonian suit with the symbol of the House of L. When Kal refuses to join him in his destruction of the planet Earth, a battle between the two begins that will change the course of human history forever.


  • Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent
  • TBA as Jax-Ur
  • TBA as Lois Lane
  • TBA as John Kent
  • TBA as Mary Kent
  • TBA as Sam Lane



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