Superman Gods and Monsters is a spinoff of Batman GaM.


Nolan North as Lor-El/ Herman Guerra/Superman

Tara Strong as Lois Lane/Eradicator

Yvette Nicole Brown as President Amanda Waller

Troy Baker as Atomic Skull, Lex Luthor


Season 1

  1. "Birth"- It begins with Lor-El being shipped away to Earth being found by the Guerra family. Lor-El now called Herman learning human culture. Then when he grows up he decides to become a symbol of hope. Soon he finds a robot. He chases down a robot. Then he destroys the robot. He meets Amanda Waller who wants superman to join the US army. At the end a female names Lois Lane picks up the robot and the robot's mind goes into her.
  2. "Eradicate"-Herman gets a job at the Daily Planet and is sent to report on a killer in Metropolis. The killer turns out to be Lois, who has been taken over by the robot and is now calling herself "the Eradicator". The two fight, with Herman ripping her arm off and forcing her to retreat. In the end, it shows Lois' arm gorwing back, while she reveals that she becomes more and more powerful each time she is defeated.
  3. "Super"- Herman is given the name Superman and a crimimal named Atomic Skull appears. Herman fights Atomic Skull with Skull almost burning his face off. Then Herman flies away then punches Skull. He hears Waller say he can form a tornado. Superman does that and blasts Atomic Skull away. Then Herman asks how she knew and she says she has a alien defense member named Lex Luthor. At the end it is revealed that Lois hired Skull.

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