Superman Season Three is the third season of Superman that deals with Clark being stuck in an altered timeline, from the results of saving his mom, It airs on the CW.

It is created by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kriesburg.

It aired during 2017-2018


  • Nicholas Hoult as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman- 23/23
  • Rose Leslie as Lois Lane- 22/23
  • Anna Kendrick as Lana Lang- 23/23
  • Anthony Mackie as Pete Ross- 23/23
  • Shantel VanSanten as Detective Lucy Lane- 18/23 (Final Season)
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Conner Kent / Superboy- 21/23
  • Tom Cavanaugh as Emil Hamilton- 11/23
  • Jessie L. Martin as Lt. Perry White- 22/23


  • Sam Witwer as Hank Henshaw Jr.-20/23
  • Nicholas Hoult as Bizarro / Soverighn- 12/23
  • Anthony Mackie as Future Pete Ross / Revibe 1/23
  • Justin Baldoni as John Corben / Metallo- 7/23
  • Anna Kendrick as Future Lana Lang / Killer Frost- 3/23
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke as Mari McCabe / Vixen- 1/23
  • Allison Miller as Kara Zor-El / Kara Danvers / Supergirl- 5/23
  • Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne / Batman- 2/23
  • David Ramsey as Lucius Fox / Guardian- 1/23
  • Willa Holland as Thea Wayne / Robin- 2/23
  • Gemma Arterton as Princess Diana / Diana Prince / Wonder Woman- 1/23

Confirmed Plot Points

  • There is a Six Month time jump
  • Nicholas Hoult stated that there will be a major death this season.
  • Crossovers between The Dark Knight Season Five occur in November
  • There will be another crossover with Wonder Woman Season Two,
  • This season will explore alternate futures, and realities caused by Superman traveling back through time and saving his mother.
  • Bizarro will be the main villain this season, and is the clone of Clark created by Jor-El.


  1. "This Is The Life"- Six Months, after Clark saved his mother, Clark begins to adjust living in the altered universe. Clark reveals to his father what he had to do, but he informs him that he made the right call. Meanwhile, a Meta-Human from the future known as Atlas begins to target Lois, forcing Clark to stop him. Atlas then kidnaps Lucy Lane, to lure Superman. Clark goes to Pete and Lana for help in tracking him down. Later, Superman breaks in the warehouse, and this time defeats Atlas, but Atlas reveals that his leader Bizarro will destroy the Earth, and that there is nothing he could do to stop it. A man named Hank Henshaw (Sam Witwer) walks in Star Labs, and says that their timeline is in danger. In a Six Month time jump, Clark is shown looking at a gravestone, but we don't know who dies.
  2. "Maiden Of Might"- Hank explains to everyone that he is from the future, and that he was sent to stop Bizarro, an evil Kryptonian. Lana and Pete discovers that Clark doesn't trust Hank, and Hank tries to prove that he can be trusted. Meanwhile, Kara Danvers returns to Metropolis, and tells Clark that an alien has been killing people, then morphing into their victims. Superman, Supergirl, and Hank travel to National City, where they find Black Zero, absorbing a man's energy. Superman and Supergirl track down Black Zero's next victim. Later, Hank creates a device that disables Black Zero's abilities. Later, Pete has a vision of Bizarro entering a breach, but struggles to tell Lana about it. Superman beats up Black Zero, and Black Zero reveals that Bizarro sent him to finally kill Superman, as he begins to worry about Bizarro. Meanwhile, Lois meets a man John Corben at work.
  3. "Sister Of The Forgotten"- The team locates a portal from the future, so Hank stabilizes it to return home, but Lana persuades Hank to stay and help Clark defeat Bizarro. Meanwhile, while Pete goes on a date, Lori Trent AKA Roulette arrives and kidnaps him. She later reveals to Pete that she needs him to use his vibing abilities to help her locate a weapon. Hank has Clark infiltrate Intergang, but Perry and Lois disagree. John asks out Lois on a date, but she feels conflicted about her feelings for Clark. Morgan Edge discovers Clark's true identity, and is about to capture him, until Clark escapes and flies out with Pete. Later, Pete meets Lori at the docks, and prepares to vibe, and then Superman arrives and stops her but Morgan shoots him with a Kryptonite bullet. Hank arrives, and knocks out Edge, while Superman flies very fast trapping Lori. In the end, the real Earth-1 Emil Hamilton from Superpoint begins to become interested in Superman, so he moves to Metropolis.
  4. "Bounty Hunter"- A Meta-Human from the future named Lobo, sent by Bizarro to kill Superman, arrives in Metropolis and targets Lucy. Clark as Superman goes to rescue her, but it was a trap designed for Lobo to get to Superman. Lobo and Superman battle. Meanwhile, Lois and Perry have a heart-to heart talk about Clark, and Perry suggests that they should be friends, because Clark has moved on with Lucy. Lobo defeats Superman, and Pete arrives and uses a new technique with his powers, forcing Lobo to flee. Later, Hank takes Clark, Lana and Pete to Dr. Hamilton's Star Labs, where they meet the real Emil Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton teaches Clark a new way, that he can use his powers, which is too create a speed attack and combine his flight to hit Lobo, it works, and Dr. Hamilton shoots him with a tazer-like gun. Dr. Hamilton joins the team, and they create a new and improved version of Star Labs.
  5. "Livewire"- Emil Hamilton reveals to the team that he has been researching Superman for a long time, and pledges to help Clark stop Bizarro. Lucy, tells Clark that he should go to his high school reunion, but a Meta-Human from the future Livewire (Rose McIver), arrives and begins destroying the gym. Hank tells Clark that she came to the year 2017, to find Hank, because Bizarro wants him dead, and it works until Clark recognizes her as the future version of his former, classmate Leslie Willis. Livewire decides to target her past self, in order to prove a point to Hank that she will continue to bring death. Meanwhile, Hank reveals his past to Lana, and Lois accepts a date proposal with John. Dr. Hamilton discovers Pete's vibe abilities, so he has Pete track down Livewire's whereabouts. Superman defeats her by using a speed barrage, and using water to burn out her abilities. After locking Livewire up, Hank presents a dangerous idea to lure Bizarro. In Flashbacks, to the year 2025, we learn that Bizarro killed Hank's wife, and son, leading him to travel to the year 2017, so he can get Superman's help to defeat Bizarro.
  6. Enter Bizarro"- As the team work to come up with a plan to stop Bizarro, Livewire escapes, forcing Clark to come up with another idea to bring Bizarro to 2017. Instead her past counterpart, Leslie Willis reveals that she knows Clark's identity, and agrees to help the team by impersonating her future self. Pete, Hank and Dr. Hamilton create a blue Kryptonite serum, which is Bizarro's weakness. Bizarro arrives through the portal, but attacks Leslie, so Superman goes to fight him. Bizarro gains the upper hand, and stabs Superman through the chest with a Kryptonite spear. Later, Hank reveals that Bizarro killed his family to the rest of the team, and traveled to the past to defeat Bizarro. Clark wakes up from his injuries, but Pete tells him that his injuries are too severe to fight Bizarro again. In the End, John Corben wakes up in an abandoned warehouse, he then sees Lex Luthor as he reveals to him that they have a common enemy Superman, and that they have much to discuss.
  7. "Metallo"- Lex Luthor tells John, that Superman was responsible for killing his wife and daughter, and tells him that Lois knows Superman. Meanwhile, Clark and Lucy begin to have relationship troubles, when Clark constantly leaves to save the city as Superman. John as Metallo heads to Perry's house, and kidnaps Lois. Perry gets the help of Clark to help find Lois. Pete has a vibe of Metallo and Lois outside of Metropolis. Hank tells Clark not to face him because of his last injury, but Clark leaves anyway. Superman arrives and prepares to fight Metallo, but gets weakened by Metallo's Kryptonite heart, he then beats up Superman nearly to death, until Hank arrives with a weapon made of lead, he then knocks out Metallo, and rescues Lois and Clark. Hank chastises Clark for defying him. Later, Metallo attacks the MPD and holds Perry and the rest of the officers hostage, to lure Superman. Hank gives Clark a lead Superman suit, which works. Superman then uses the lead and attaches it to Metallo, turning him human, while Clark contemplates on proposing to Lucy. In the end, a scientist named Anthony Ivo revives a long extinct project called Amazo, he later tells Amazo that Superman should be destroyed.
  8. "Rise Of Amazo- Amazo, an android created by Anthony Ivo Jr. arrives in Metropolis, to kill Superman. When Superman tries to fight him, he looses, because of Amazo's ability to copy Clark's powers. With no other choice, Clark, Pete, and Lana head to Gotham City to enlist the help of Bruce and his team, to protect Clark and the others from Amazo. Later, Bruce and Clark meet up at the bar, and Bruce explains to Clark that if he really loves Lucy, then he should propose to her. Barbara locates Amazo, and sends Batman and Superman to an abandoned warehouse, where Amazo has absorbed more energy. As Batman and Superman try to stop him, nothing works. Amazo destroys the building, but he steals a prototype called R.E.D T.O.R.N.A.D.O as Superman zooms and rescues Batman. Amazo creates an army so Batman, Superman,Conner, Robin, and Guardian team up and try to destroy bombs that he created, while Pete and Barbara hack into his army, and disables them. In the End, Amazo decides to conquer Metropolis, so Bruce's team and Clark's team head off to Metropolis, but first they recruit Mari McCabe AKA Vixen for help. Meanwhile, Lucy helps Hank and Dr. Hamilton create a formula designed to increase Clark's speed and strength to defeat Bizarro.
  9. "Fearlessness"- Bizarro enters a portal to 2017, and breaks in Mercury Labs killing several people in the process. He then kills Dr. Tina McGee by vibrating his hand through her chest. He then steals a vase containing liquid Kryptonite, and injects it inside himself making him stronger as he zooms out. Meanwhile, Clark and Lucy try to have the perfect Christmas, so Clark invites Perry, Lois, Pete, Lana and his parents over. Clark and Perry investigate the break in, and discovers that Bizarro is back and faces a challenge when one father, Johnathan tells Clark that it is dangerous for him to fight Bizarro if he kills Clark, and Perry thinks that Clark should stop Bizarro. When Bizarro causes another attack, Superman races to stop him, but Bizarro has more speed and strength and gains the upper hand on Superman but flees when Conner arrives, and hits him with a speed attack. Later, Hank realizes that Bizarro is trying to get stronger once more, so Hank, Superman along with Conner team up and stop Bizarro, and Superman and Conner fly fast enough, sending Bizarro back through the portal.In the End, Clark proposes to Lucy, while Clark begins training Conner as his new partner, naming him "Superboy".
  10. "Channel"- As Dr. Hamilton and Hank struggles to find ways to increase Clark's speed and strength, a Meta-Human from the future known as Conduit, attacks Metropolis, he then attacks Braverman Corp and steals a device. Pete and Lana call Kenny Braverman, as he is now the CEO of Braverman Corp. Later, Hank reveals to Clark and the team that Conduit is the future version of Kenny, who has the ability to project wave energy, and he was sent by Bizarro to kill Superman. Meanwhile, Clark begins training Conner as his sidekick, but Pete tells him that Conduit is planning to attack the Braverman Corp gala, so Clark, Pete and Lana go undercover to stop Conduit. Lucy shows up and tries to help the team find Conduit, so Clark, Lucy, and the team try to locate Conduit. Conduit attacks the party, and kidnaps Lucy to lure Superman. Pete uses his vibe abilities to track down her location, and Dr. Hamilton provides Clark with an energy retardant suit, so he can defeat Conduit. Superman and Conner as Superboy heads out to stop Conduit, and they rescue Lucy, and knocks out Conduit by combing flight and super speed. Later, Clark tells the team about his engagement with Lucy. In The End, Brainiac flies through a portal, and begins to search for Superman after learning that Clark may have altered the timeline.
  11. "My Greatest Adversary"- The team discover that Conduit is dead, and Clark begins to think that Hank killed him. Meanwhile, Pete goes to Dr. Hamilton to help him improve his vibing abilities. Emil gets a strange message, so he decides to use Pete's vibe, and by using Pete's Vibe, the team discover that Brainiac has returned. Hank and Dr. Hamilton surmises that this version of Brainiac is from the point of time where he traveled back in time to kill Clark's adoptive mother, but Clark as Superman prevented it. The team realizes that Brainiac plans to break in Dr. Hamilton's former lab to steal tachyons to return back to the future. Clark as Superman arrives and destroys Brainiac's tachyon device, forcing Brainiac to capture Pete as leverage. Lana locates Brainiac's location with a device that Pete was wearing. Superman arrives, and fights Brainiac, but he is too strong, and nearly kills Superman, until Pete shoots a blast of concentrated vibe energy, knocking Brainiac out. Later, Superman flies very fast, and sends Brainiac back to his timeline, as he has already altered time.
  12. "Nuclear"- Right before the particle accelerator explosion, Albert Michaels and his brother, Joeseph got hit, by atomic nuclear particles. Three Years later, Albert becomes Atomic Skull, as a result of the altered timeline, instead of Albert being dead, and Joseph being the current Atomic Skull. Meanwhile, Bizarro tells Hank that if he steals Superman's powers, he could travel back in time, and revive Hank's wife and son, so Hank creates a device to syphon Clark's powers and attaches it to his suit. He and Clark  successfully find a way to close the portals from the future. When Superman and Superboy go after Albert, , the device works, and permanently steals a portion of Clark's powers making him weak. Hank gives the energy to Bizarro , who demands the rest. While going after Albert AKA Atomic Skull for a second time, Lois is severally injured, when Superman arrives too late, Perry suggests Clark to use his blood, to heal Lois. Dr. Hamilton, Superman and Hank team up, and disables his powers, as Perry and the rest of the police arrest Atomic Skull. Hank confesses, and asks to be returned to the future, in order to kill Bizarro himself. Clark realizes that Hank was only trying to do what was right for his family, which Clark would have done, for Lucy or his friends. The team informs Hank he will return to the future, but Clark, Pete and Lana will be going with him to kill Bizarro.
  13. "Enter The Future- Before heading to the future, Superman closes all but one of the portals so that Bizarro  has no other way to travel between time. Using the last portal at S.T.A.R. Labs, Clark, Pete, Lana and Hank travel to the future , but there is a surge of energy that de-stabilizes the portal. The team will be stuck in the future until Dr. Hamilton and Lois can stabilize the portal again. Clark decides to impersonate his future self, who is revealed to be married to Lois in this time, to get more information on Bizarro. Clark is attacked by the future Lana AKA Killer Frost and The Persuader, the soldiers of Bizarro. Lana tries to help the police to stop the evil duo, but she is confronted by her future self Killer Frost. Superman tries to save her but gets stopped by Killer Frost and The Persuader. Bizarro arrives and kills The Persuader, and lets Killer Frost live. While Superman battles Bizarro, he defeats Superman with ease, and kidnaps him. Dr. Hamilton reveals to Lois why he returned to Metropolis in the first place, while Conner tracks a new Meta-Human.
  14. "Depart The Future"- Bizarro realizes that Hank has returned back to the future, and issues a demand to the citizens of Metropolis to locate him. Bizarro attacks Hank's version of Star Labs, looking for Hank, Lana and Pete, but they manage to escape with the help of the future Clark. Hank, Pete, Lana and future Clark update future Lois on what happened with the past Clark, and Pete tells future Clark, that he should become Superman one more time to help them, but future Clark refuses to put on the suit ever again, so they track down Killer Frost in the hopes that she will lead them to Bizarro. After, a fight Killer Frost agrees to take the team to Bizarro, future Clark becomes Superman once again, for one more time. The team arrives, to rescue Clark and Jessie, after discovering that Bizarro kidnapped her because he learned that Dr. Hamilton worked with Superman. Bizarro shows up, and fights future Superman, as Killer Frost freezes Bizarro in order to buy more time for the team to escape, the team along with future Superman escape. In the Present, Lois and Lucy creates a serum to increase Conner's powers when Blockbuster kidnaps his new girlfriend, and Superboy gets the help of Perry and the MPD to stop him. Hank, Lois and Perry stabilize the portal, and allow, Clark, Pete, Hank, Lana and Jessie to return, but not before Bizarro speeds through, and shoves his hand through Dr. Hamilton killing him instantly, before Pete uses his concentrated energy, and making Bizarro enter the portal once again.
  15. "Red Claw"- Hank, Pete, Lana and Clark agree not to discuss what happened in the future,  for fear of repercussions. While everyone tries to move on, the terrorist group Multigon, led by Red Claw escapes a Gotham City prison, and heads to Metropolis to kill Superman. Thea Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth arrive to warn Clark , which prompts him to look for Red Claw  and put a stop to her for good. Clark teams up with Thea and Alfred, and the rest of MI5 agents to track Red Claw, but she uses a former hacker, and shows up at Clark and Lucy's house looking for Superman, but the MI5 agents arrive, forcing Red Claw and her army to escape. The teams attempt to trap Red Claw, at her own hideout, to stage a final battle. Superman forces Red Claw, to chase him, while she is in a plane, and when they are far enough from the city, Superman uses a full powered heat vision to destroy the plane, and then he knocks her out. Superman sends Red Claw back to the MI5 agents. Later, Clark vows to open a portal back to the future, to stop Bizarro. Back in the future, it is revealed that Bizarro killed Dr. Hamilton, because he felt that Hamilton was a threat, in his quest to kill Clark.
  16. "Fatal Attraction"- The Superman team work to to train Clark so he can get faster and stronger so that he can stop Bizarro. However, they hit a roadblock and Pete decides to take Clark out, and celebrate his 28th birthday. While they are at Clark's party, a female alien arrives, and causes havoc, she then steals an object. Clark and the team track her down, and this time, Hank, Superman and Superboy track her down, and stage a fight. She reveals herself as Maxima, and tell Superman that they were destined to be together. Maxima breaks in Star Labs, and kidnaps Lucy, since she sees her as competition. To track down Maxima, Pete vibes that she is in an abandoned laboratory, so Superman, Superboy and Hank arrive to rescue her. Maxima nearly kills Superman, until Hank passes Lucy a special bullet, and she shoots Maxima. Meanwhile, Jessie decides to leave Metropolis, and go back to National City with her mother, after thinking that after her father's death, she doesn't have a place on the team. Hank tells Clark, and the team that in his time, Lex Luthor revived Bizarro, which is why he is so hard to defeat.
  17. "Superman / Wonder Woman"- Lex Luthor announces his plan to run for mayor. Lex meets with Morgan Edge in prison, and bails him out so he can help him defeat Superman. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman arrives through a portal to Clark's Earth, and she heads to Star Labs. Clark introduces Diana to his friends, and Lucy. Edge reassembles his Intergang, and orders them to kill Perry, after learning that he knows Superman's secret identity. Superman and Wonder Woman arrive, and initially stop Edge, but Lex manages to steal a weapon. Lex orders the rest of the Intergang agents, to murder his running mate, and he sets off a bomb, at the rally. Superman, Wonder Woman, Pete and Superboy arrive, and tries to find the bombs, before they detonate. Pete uses his vibing abilities, and locates the bomb, while Superman later destroys the main bomb, and then he knocks out Lex. In the End, so Diana can go back to her Earth, Clark and Diana have a race in the middle of Metropolis, sending Diana back to her Earth. Later, Hank creates a serum that could increase Clark's speed and strength, so he can finally defeat Bizarro.
  18. "Mortality"- Years earlier in the future, a younger Bizarro watches as his father murders his mother and is subsequently sent to Earth. In present day,  Clark tests the tachyon accelerator and is able to enhance his strength and speed  four times greater than normal. Clark decides to re-open a portal back to the future, and he believes that Pete's  powers are the key to opening the portals. Meanwhile, Hank  recounts how the particle accelerator explosion in the future, affected Bizarro, an adult Bizarro got hit with waves, that sent the suns energy rays, becoming just as strong as his clone Superman. Pete opens up a portal, by using his powers and Bizarro runs out. Superman and Bizarro engage in a high flying fight, and Superman gains the upper hand, as leverage Bizarro kidnaps Lucy. The team track down Bizarro, at an abandoned Lexcorp facility, and Superman fights Bizarro again, Bizarro then shoves his hand through Lucy's chest killing her instantly. Later, Bizarro injects more of the Kryptonite becoming more powerful, as he speeds away., and grabs Lana In the end, Clark quits being Superman.
  19. "Sweep Upward"- As Clark adjusts to life without Lucy, Hank decides to leave Star Labs to look for Jessie. After finding Jessie, Hank is kidnapped by Conduit and Metallo, who demands Hank to take them back to the future, and give them a weapon that could destroy Metropolis. Clark realizes that Hank has been kidnapped, and Lois persuades Clark to become Superman again in order to save Hank. Superman, Perry and Pete arrives and stages a fight with the two, Pete fires a concentrated vibe energy blast at Conduit, and Superman uses his heat vision, and puts lead on Metallo's Kryptonite heart, defeating Metallo. In the future Bizarro  reveals that he kidnapped Lana  because he needs her help to take over Metropolis, and that he likes her. Lana meets with her future doppelganger Killer Frost, who was captured by Bizarro. Killer Frost convinces Lana  to help her escape and then attempts to kill her. Bizarro arrives and kills Killer Frost, then tells her not to tell any of her friends where she is. Later, Bizarro  decides to conquer the other timelines , and brings Lana with him back to the past, in 2018.
  20. "Revibe"- As Clark tries to take a break from being Superman, Conner and the team begin to stop crime in the city. Hank begins to want to kill Bizarro, after he starts having nightmares about his families murder. Jonathan and Martha arrives to give Clark advice on protecting Metropolis, since he still feels responsible for Lucy's death, and Lana's kidnapping. Bizarro and Lana arrive back in the past with Bizarro declaring the city under his control. The future version of Pete Ross "Revibe", arrives in the past looking to kill Superman. Bizarro sends Revibe after the police to send the city a message. Clark as Superman and the police stop Revibe, but Bizarro arrives and kills the officers himself, and Revibe for failing. He then publicly announces Superman's failure to the city of stopping Bizarro when he had the chance. Bizarro creates another particle accelerator, and unleashes it on the city. Superboy tries to save Jessie but the accelerator's wave hits Jessie knocking her out.
  21. "Atlas Returns"- Connor finds Jessie uncouncious, Conner and the team work to wake up Jessie. Meanwhile, Pete has a vibe of Clark and realizes that he is in an alternate universe. Clark wakes up in his own bedroom and finds "Hank" downstairs. "Hank" explains what he really is: a physical manefistation of Superpoint. "Hank" informs Clark that he cannot leave unless he catches a mysterious moving figure. Pete and Hank create a path into Superpoint so Clark can escape, but Clark chooses to stay to get his powers back. As he pursues the figure, other Superpoint entities challenge Clark on what it means to be a hero, and how he cannot become Superman again until he finally accepts Lucy and Dr. Hamilton's death. Clark shares a moment with "Lucy", which allows him to finally catch the moving figure-himself. His powers restored, and with help from Pete and Lois , Clark returns to S.T.A.R Labs to save the team from the resurrected Atlas. Later, Clark uses his blood to bring Jessie out of her coma. Across town, Bizarro has assembled a Meta-Human army, which he plans to unleash on Metropolis.
  22. "Indestructible"- Bizarro's Meta-Human army wreaks havoc across the city. Superman puts out several fires and takes out some of the Meta-Humans. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Clark displays a level of confidence in stopping Bizarro that concerns the team, and Clark's parents, and each of them attempts to convince him to be more cautious. Lana returns to the team, but not without emotional trauma from being kidnapped. A Meta-Human begins attacking various buildings around Metropolis using a sonic blast. Clark confronts the Meta-Human, who turns out to be an alive Selina Kyle , who goes by the name of "Black Cat".  She initially gets the upper hand, but Clark is rescued by  Conner as Superboy who is trying to help out. The team creates a sonic amplifier tuned to the frequency of the future natives. They discharge it and render all future Meta-Humans unconscious, allowing Clark to apprehend them all at once, although Bizarro escapes. Later, Bizarro kidnaps Martha in front of the team. Clark flies after them, and is forced to watch Bizarro kill his mother.
  23. "Man Of Tomorrow"- Bizarro comes to Clark, and demands him to race Bizarro, so Bizarro could travel back to the future, and he won't cause any havoc. Hank realizes Bizarro stole a tachyon  from Mercury Labs that will allow him to destroy every time period in the timeline if he and Clark creates enough speed to open up the worm hole. When Clark refuses to back out, the team locks him in a containment cell for his own protection. The team develops their own successful plan to send Bizarro back to the future, but Perry is pulled in with him. In the future, Bizarro reveals to Perry his plan for Metropolis, and tells him that Superman, or Superboy can't even stop him. Conner releases Clark, and Clark and Conner suit up as Superman and Superboy to rescue Perry. Superman agrees to race Bizarro if he returns Perry unharmed. As Clark and Bizarro fight, the tachyon device begins to charge. However, Clark creates a time remnant of himself, who gives his life to stop the Tachyon device, while Superman nearly kills Bizarro. Defeated, Bizarro  is then taken away by Time Wraiths, as they take him away, Bizarro turns into an "Ultimate" creature. Hank returns to the future, with help from Christopher Garrick AKA Superman. After a moment with Lois, Still feeling broken and defeated, Clark travels back in time and prevents his past self from saving his mother.

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