Task Force X is a live action show about the DC team of the same name.



  • Cyndia Addia- Robinson as Amanda Waller 24/24
  • Micheal Rowe as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
  • Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke
  • Jai Courtney as Boomerang
  • Jesen Ackles as Jason Todd/Red Hood


  • Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Todd Stashwick as Black Mask


Season 1

  1. "Pilot"- It begins with Amanda Waller sitting in a room looking through pictures of the most wanted men and women in the US. It shows Deadshot about to kill someone but he gets knocked out. Then Harley is about to break out Joker but she gets knocked out. It shows Deathstroke fighting Green Arrow when he gets knocked out. It shows Boomerang robbing a bank when he gets knocked out. Then it shows Red Hood killing crime when he gets knocked out. At the end Amanda says "You are now Task Force X".
  2. "Black as Cole"-They are sent on their first mission, which is to stop the Black Mask from poisoning Gotham's waters. On the way there, Deadshot is recognized by a few criminals, who attempt to kill him, but he and the team come out on top. Later, they break into Black Mask's hideout and fight him, eventually managing to knock him out of a window, where they assume he died. In the end, they are knocked out again and put in to cells. Meanwhile, Black Mask gets up and walks away.

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