This is the 3rd episode of Arrow

Air Date: 10/25/12


My Name is Oliver Queen

For Eight Years, I've been stuck on an Island

I have returned for one goal, to take down crime in this city.

But to do that, I must become someone else.

I must become something else.

I am The Hood

It starts as we see all of Starling at night, we then shift to a restaurant, where we see an African American male sitting at a table, the waiter arrives the table

John Diggle: Can I have coffee?

Waiter: Sure,

Diggle looks at the newspaper with The Hood on the front page

Commercial Break

It shifts to Oliver's house, as we see Oliver sleeping.

Thea walks in Oliver's room.

Thea: Ollie wake up.

Oliver wakes up and rubs his eyes

Oliver: I'm up.

Thea: You've been tired every day.

Oliver: Its with running Queen Corp, Speedy.

It shifts as we see Laurel meeting with a suspect.

Laurel: Were were you on the night of the murder?

Suspect: I was at home.

Laurel: What, I see here, is that you came to the victim's house, why?

Suspect: Ms. Lance, I don't know.

We then cut, to Oliver walking into her office,with 2 females next to him.

Oliver: Ladies, can you give us a minute?

The ladies wink at Oliver, and Laurel rolls her eyes.

Laurel: So, how's your week back?

Oliver: Its good, aside from running Queen Corp, with my mother.

Oliver: Who was the suspect?

Laurel: Some guy, responsible for a murder,

Oliver turns around, and leaves, before Laurel asks him to stay.

Laurel: Ollie, I need to get close to The Hood figure, he seems to be targeting old associates.

Oliver: Bye, Laurel.

We shift to John Diggle at his Apartment, where he is reading about The Hood's first murder case, to Killer Moth.

John Diggle: A modern day Robin Hood,

He then looks at the Oliver Queen newspaper, then back at The Hood's, paper.

He waves an eyebrow, and says.

John Diggle: They came the same time.

Cut back to Oliver, and he is wondering where his mother is. Oliver walks to the table, and picks up a letter written by Moria

Moria In Letter: Dear Oliver, there is some left over Chicken in the fridge, if you get hungry, Me and Thea went to the movies. Love mom

Oliver: That's just great.

Oliver heads into his hideout, and takes out a bottle of water, he then sits down at his desk.

Oliver logs on his computer, and sees that a hostage situation is happening.

Oliver: Looks like someone, has failed this city

We see a Montage of Oliver putting on his costume, but as he puts on his hood, he begins having a Flashback

Shifts to 2004, on a big boat

Young Oliver: Hey Tommy!!

Young Tommy: What's up bro?

Young Oliver: It's nothing, I don't think I'm doing the right thing with Laurel.

Young Tommy: Is Oliver Queen wining?

Oliver playfully nudgesw him on the elbow and watches as Sara Lance, walks down the steps.