The Dark Knight Season Five is the fifth season of The Dark Knight. It deals with the aftermath of killing Darhk, and the rise of a new enemy which will bring the team back together, It airs on the CW.

Created by Greg Berlanti and Christopher Nolan

It aired during 2017-2018


  • Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne / Batman- 23/23
  • David Ramsey as Lucius Fox / Guardian- 23/23
  • Willa Holland as Thea Wayne / Robin- 19/23 (Final Season)
  • Melissa Benoist as Barbara Gordon / Oracle
  • Paul Blackthorn as Commissioner James Kyle- 21/23
  • Eka Darville as Curtis Holt
  • John Barrowman as William Dent / Prometheus
  • Colin Donnell as Harvey Dent / Arkham Knight- 16/23


  • Colton Haynes as Dick Grayson / Nightwing- 3/23
  • Tom Cruise as Lincon March- 13/23
  • Richard Armitage as Kyle Abbot (Flashbacks)- 22/23 2/23
  • Deborah Ann Woll as Andrea Beaumont / The Phantasm (Flashbacks)- 22/23 1/23
  • Caity Lotz as Sara Kyle / White Cat- 1/23
  • Regina King as Tazalla Beatriz (Flashbacks)- 21/23
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth / Outsider- 14/23
  • Tyler Posey as Liam Anderson- 6/23
  • Nicholas Hoult as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman- 2/23
  • Matt Ryan as John Constantine- 1/23
  • Anna Kendrick as Lana Lang- 1/23
  • Anthony Mackie as Pete Ross- 1/23
  • Tom Cavanaugh as Emil Hamilton- 1/23
  • Lacey Chabert as Zatanna Zatarra- 1/23
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke as Mari McCabe / Vixen- 1/23
  • Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / The Atom- 1/23
  • Arthur Darville as Rip Hunter
  • James Spader as the voice of Amazo


  1. "Consequences"- Six Months after Batman killed Damian Darhk, Bruce and Barbara have gotten back together, and they now own Wayne Enterprises. A group of criminals called the Arkham Militia begin killing people and setting off bombs, and Batman feels conflicted to stop them alone. Bruce visits Thea, at Gotham University and persuades her to return being Robin. While Barbara and Curtis go to recruit Lucius, and then Commissioner Kyle. Bruce reveals to the team that the Arkham Militia have been attacking Gotham City for the last Six months, and he that he needs help to stop them. Later, the Arkham Militia's leader Arkham Knight orders them to take over the airport, so Batman, Guardian, and Robin head there to stop them while Commissioner Kyle, Barbara and Curtis rescue civilians. Batman fights the Arkham Knight, but he nearly kills him, until Guardian shoots him. The team are able to get the bomb out of a plane. In a Six Month time jump, Bruce is now in hiding and he visits Gotham City to go to the cemetery and stares at a grave stone, and swears that he will have to break his promise and kill him. In Flashbacks, Amanda Waller sends Bruce to Biyala, so he can infiltrate Tazalla Beatriz's army. For Bruce's first mission, he must kill a local drug lord who uses Gotham City for his dark practices.
  2. "The Riddle"- While Bruce is hosting a Wayne Enterprises meeting, a bomb goes off killing the business men in the room and Bruce manages to escape. Bruce has Barbara search up any enemies he ever had, and is shocked to discover that Edward Nygma (David Tennant) worked for Bruce's father, and now is targeting Bruce for being a Wayne. Commissioner Kyle sends Batman and Guardian to investigate the death of of two recent dead police, but only find dead cops with a question mark symbol on the wall. Meanwhile, Thea meets Liam Anderson, at her college. The Riddler prepares to target Bruce, at he and Barbara's business party so Bruce has Lucius, Commissioner Kyle, and Thea suit up and stop The Riddler. The Riddler almost shoots Bruce, until Guardian and Robin come in and defeat The Riddler. Later, Batman and Commissioner Kyle deliver Edward to Arkham Asylum. In Flashbacks, Bruce meets Kyle Abbot, an ex soldier who is forced to work with Tazalla, or Tazalla will kill Kyle's family.
  3. "Bloom"- An A.R.G.U.S agent lends Lucius and Lena files on the mysterious Mr. Bloom, a Meta-Human who uses his abilities to steal magic seeds, and with them the user grants superpowers, but at the cost of their lives. Meanwhile, Bruce and Barbara contemplate on announcing their recent engagement, or waiting for a better time. Batman, Robin and Guardian prepare to track down Mr. Bloom. Meanwhile, a woman named Whisper A'Daire (Elodie Yung),meets with the Arkham Knight and they discuss Mr. Bloom. Batman, Guardian and Robin initially stop Mr. Bloom from killing another person, so Arkham Knight murders Whisper and has Lincoln March cover it up as a suicide. Lena sets a trap for Mr. Bloom, but he kidnaps her forcing Batman and Guardian to go after him. Batman and Guardian take down Mr. Bloom, with help from Robin, but they get no new information about the Arkham Militia. In Flashbacks, Kyle tasks Bruce with killing Ivan Blanco, a Russian arms dealer who really wants to start a potential war. Meanwhile Bruce and Andrea Beaumont grow closer, which conflicts his mission to stop the Russian arms dealer.
  4. "Chill To The Bone"- Bruce hosts a meeting for Wayne Enterprises, but a man named Victor Fries ( Arnold Vosloo), comes to him and asks him to help him find a way to save his wife Nora Fries (Nicole Kidman), who is dying from a disease. Meanwhile, Commissioner Kyle has Bruce, Lucius and Thea investigate the death of police officers who were found frozen to death. Barbara tracks down Mr. Freeze, who she learns is Victor Fries Batman and the team head off to stop him. Meanwhile, William Dent meets up with the Arkham Knight, and discusses their alliance and how they can get rid of the Batman. Batman, Guardian and Robin find Mr. Freeze's victims frozen in a locker room, so Guardian tries to find a way to defrost them. Batman and Robin finds Mr. Freeze with his wife's body, and Batman tells him that if Nora was alive she wouldn't be happy with Victor for being a criminal, or killing people for her. Mr. Freeze agrees to turn himself in, so Commissioner Kyle arrests him. Later, Bruce announces he and Barbara's engagement to the rest of the team. In Flashbacks, Tazalla arranges for Bruce to be married with Andrea, but assassins led by a man named Natas attacks Biyala, forcing Bruce to accept his darkness.
  5. "The Cult"- While Thea is on a date with Liam, a group of men kidnap Thea and Liam. Meanwhile, Bruce and Barbara begin planning their wedding shower plans, but begins to feel conflicted when he realizes that Thea hasn't come back home. The cult leader introduces himself as Deacon Blackfire, and reveals that she is the special one out of the other survivors as she tries to fight back. Batman interrogates the members of the cult but when he learns that Deacon Blackfire has Thea, he calls John Constantine for help. John creates a seance by using Thea's Robin costume gloves, as a trigger object. When John, tracks Thea, Batman, Guardian and John head to the Cult Followers hideout, and while Guardian and John kill the guards Batman faces Deacon Blackfire in a major confrontation. Deacon Blackfire nearly kills Batman, until Guardian shoots him killing him instantly as they save Thea and Liam. Before John leaves to go back to France, he warns Bruce about the Arkham Knight that he may not have magic, but he is too strong to stop. In Flashbacks, a demon named Etrigan kills half of Bruce's soldiers, so Bruce calls John Constantine to help him stop the demon. John exorcises the demon while Bruce rescues Kyle and Andrea. Later, John tells Bruce that he thinks that Tazalla is up to no good and that he shouldn't trust her.
  6. "Rescue Mission"- With Bruce occupied with planning the wedding, and running Wayne Enterprises,Barbara learns that her father Noah Kuttler (Tom Amandes), has been captured by the Arkham Militia. Noah sends Barbara a message containing his location, but struggles to tell Bruce or Lucius about it. Barbara later finds a second message, and finds out that the Arkham Knight has him held captive. Barbara enlists Curtis' help in tracking down her father. The team track down Arkham Knight to his hideout, and Batman fights the Arkham Knight, but when Batman nearly defeats Arkham Knight he recognizes that Arkham Knight is really Harvey Dent, as he takes another dosage of the Miracolo serum and defeats Batman. Curtis hacks into the security server, and rescues Noah. Later, Bruce talks to Lucius about his shocking discovery. In Flashbacks, Andrea gets kidnapped by a man named NKV Demon, so Bruce enlists the help of Kyle to help him find his arranged wife. Bruce later, shoots NKV Demon, before he is able to kill Andrea.
  7. "Concerns"- The Arkham Militia begin killing people and stealing high profile weapons from major companies, including Wayne Enterprises. Lucius goes to an A.R.G.U.S agent for help, to find out what the Arkahm Militia are really after. Batman, Guardian, Robin and Commissioner Kyle go inside of a warehouse, where they find a bunch of guards with hostages as Robin and Guardian take out the guards, Batman and Commissioner Kyle rescue the hostages, but a bomb detonates killing half of the hostages. Bruce interrogates a soldier as Batman for the Arkham Knight's whereabouts, he then says that the Arkham Knight plans to crash Lincoln's mayoral party. Bruce has Thea and Lucius guard the party, while he as Batman goes to confront the Arkham Knight. Batman fights against the Arkham Knight but Arkham Knight is too fast, and too strong. Lucius and Thea rescue everyone as Guardian and Robin, and take out more soldiers. Arkham Knight is about to kill Batman, until Batman throws an explosive battarang at him. Later, Harvey regenerates from the Miracolo serum. In the end, Thea breaks up with Liam in order to protect him. In Flashbacks, Bruce and Andrea get married, and Tazalla sends them to destroy a massive weapon that is being sent to Bilaya, and Kyle tags along to aid them in their mission.
  8. "Age Of Amazo- Amazo searches for Superman, Pete and Lana currently being hidden by Bruce and his team. Batman, Superman and Vixen head over to a lab, sent by Barbara to destroy any more remaining drones. Meanwhile, Barbara persuades Bruce to visit Julie and Julie, reveals to Jason that Bruce is his father. While Bruce and Jason catch up, Barbara finds out Amazo's plan to unleash his army in Metropolis so she calls Bruce. Later, Batman, Superman and Vixen try to stop Amazo, when he gains more power but Batman is severely injured. Barbara and Lana try to come up with a plan to heal Bruce, so Clark offers to give Bruce his blood which would heal someone. Clark does the process, which heals Bruce. Pete comes up with an idea to defeat Amazo, and has Lana and Barbara hack into Red Tornado and brings him here. Red Tornado offers his help to the team, so Batman, Superman, Vixen, Robin, Guardian and Red Tornado unite and fight Amazo. Red Tornado creates a tornado, which disables Amazo's abilities while Batman throws an explosive batterang, while Superman tears through Amazo. In the end, Ray Palmer, Sara Kyle and Rip Hunter arrive to recruit Mari for the Legends team, and Bruce persuades her to join. Amazo becomes resurrected and finds a time traveling stone, as he smiles evilly, and Red Tornado leaves town. In Flashbacks, Bruce interrogates a suspect who was hiding the bomb but when he does not answer, Kyle persuades Bruce to kill him. When they return to Bilaya, they learn that Tazalla has been kidnapped, and Bilaya has been taken over.
  9. "Chill Of The Knight"- It's Christmas! As Bruce and Barbara prepare for the upcoming wedding, the Arkham Knight employs the Arkham Militia to target Bruce, when he and Lincoln March are at a speech. Bruce and the team decide to reveal that the Arkham Knight is really Harvey Dent, and that he was alive all this time. Angered at Bruce, he sends his Arkham Militia soldiers to crash Bruce and Barbara's wedding, he then knocks out Bruce. When Bruce wakes up, he discovers that the Arkham Knight kidnapped Barbara and Thea. So Batman, and Guardian enlist the help of Curtis and William to track down a location. When Curtis finds a lead, Batman, Guardian and William dressed as Prometheus launch a rescue mission and save Thea and Barbara. While Batman engages Arkham Knight in a fight, the Arkham Knight gains the upper hand because of the Miracolo serum, but then Prometheus shoots the Arkham Knight with a cross bow arrow forcing him to flee while Guardian frees Barbara and Thea. In the End, Bruce and Barbara finally get married. Later a man breaks in the Batcave, and Bruce is shocked to find his old friend Alfred Pennyworth, he then says hi to a shocked Bruce, ending in a cliffhanger. In Flashbacks, Kyle persuades Bruce to use his darkness to find Tazalla, as Bruce begins killing soldiers, and when he interrogates one he discovers Tazalla's location, and the trio travel there. While Bruce is about to sneak in, he is then shot by a sharp shooter ending in a cliffhanger.
  10. "The Revelation"- Six weeks after Alfred's shocking return, Bruce decides to question why Alfred left in the first place, and he reveals that he was once a secret agent but he didn't want Bruce to get caught in the middle of his missions. Meanwhile, Batman and the team, along with Alfred continue going after the Arkham Militia, with a lead from Barbara. They track the Arkham Knight's location, but find only dead Arkham Militia soldiers with green puzzle signs over the walls. The team realize that Edward Nygma (David Tennant), has returned to get revenge on Batman and the Arkham Knight. Bruce as Batman kidnaps The Riddler and interrogates him until he reveals the Arkham Knight's whereabouts. Batman goes to fight the Arkham Knight, but he is then about to get killed until Alfred, Guardian and Robin arrive and save Batman. Later, Arkham Knight spares Bruce's life and tells him that he'll kill everyone he ever cared about, as Bruce begins to get worried. In Flashbacks, Bruce awakens in an underground prison, where Andrea is cleaning his wounds. She then reveals that Natas has returned, and taken over Biyala, and Kyle persuades Bruce to heal first before saving Tazalla.
  11. "False Facers"- Bruce and Barbara attempt to live a peaceful life, now that they are married. Meanwhile, Lucius and Lena meet up with an ARGUS agent, who give them files on the criminal organization known as the False Facers. Lena tells Lucius that the False Facers have been active, ever since Bruce and the team defeated Shadowspeire a year ago, while Thea and Liam get back together. Meanwhile, Alfred, Lucius and Lena go on a mission to destroy a bomb that is set to detonate, but they are kidnapped.Thea discovers that Lena and Alfred were kidnapped, so Barbara and Curtis hack into the security cameras to track them down. Batman and the team, break into the False Facers hideout, with the help of Barbara and Curtis hacking the system. As Batman and Guardian take out the guards, Robin rescues Lena and Alfred. In Flashbacks, Tazalla is revealed to be the founder of the False Facers.
  12. Mask Of The Phantasm- The team goes after a robber, and Batman and Robin manage to corner him. He is then killed by an unknown female vigilante, as she injures Thea and almost falls off of a building. Bruce contacts William and discusses the vigilante, and William reveals that she has been targeting thugs that are wanted criminals living in the Narrows. Barbara tracks the vigilante again, but they find Dick Grayson (Colton Haynes), dressed in a ski mask beating up thugs. Dick reveals to Bruce that he came back to Gotham City to stop The Phantasm. Barbara discovers that The Phantasm, is really Andrea Beaumont which shocks Bruce. Meanwhile, Lincoln March enters the mayoral race, and Batman, Guardian, Robin, Nightwing, and Alfred finally defeat The Phantasm, and Bruce forces her to leave Gotham City. In the End, while Batman is patrolling the city, Talia Al Ghul, arrives and wants Bruce to team up with her to kill William, in exchange for helping Bruce defeat The Arkham Knight. In Flashbacks, Natas tortures Bruce, until he reveals a secret location containing a serum known as Miracolo. Later, Kyle murders Natas, and frees Tazalla. Tazalla becomes obsessed with finding the Miracolo serum.
  13. "Long Live The League"- Bruce refuses Talia's offer, and he tries to convince William to stop leading a new generation of League Of Assassins before it leads into a civil war. William claims that Talia is also leading her version of the league, and proclaims that if Bruce doesn't side with her everyone in Gotham City will be a target. When the League Of Assassins continue killing people, Batman, Robin, Guardian, Nightwing and Alfred arrive to stop them. Meanwhile, Dick deals with the fact that Thea has moved on with Liam. Bruce decides to engage William in a duel, while Talia hands Bruce a sword. William reveals that he resurrected Harvey leading for him to become the Arkham Knight. Angry, Bruce begins to fight William, but William gains the upper hand. Thinking about Gotham City, and his friends, Bruce gets up and continues fighting him. Bruce nearly beats up William to death, and tells Talia that he refuses to be a killer as Bruce forces Talia to leave the city, and never come back because of many civilians deaths and Dick leaves Gotham City. In Flashbacks, Bruce and Tazalla begin searching for the Miracolo serum, which is located in Coast City.
  14. "Cobra"- William, Harvey Dent, Lincoln and the other leaders of the Arkham Militia have a meeting, where it is revealed that they are on the final phase of their plan. In order to finally get rid of the vigilantes in Gotham City, the Arkham Knight sends a group of assassins called Strike Force Cobra, to kill Commissioner Kyle when they learn that he aids Bruce and his team. They fail, and Barbara is able to track their hideout. Batman, Robin, Guardian and Alfred go after them, but they are almost killed when the Strike Force Cobra blow up their own building to escape. Meanwhile, Thea discovers that Alfred wants to go back to England, and she decides to keep the secret from Bruce. With Curtis' assistance, the team realizes the Strike Force Cobra are planning to destroy a rally led by Bruce, Lincoln March, and the GCPD, leaving Lincoln alive as a survivor. Bruce as Batman and his team stop the Strike Force Cobra in time, for Bruce to arrive at the rally shocking Lincoln. In Flashbacks, Bruce kills a man, who was once a friend of Kyle as Tazalla forces Bruce to find more of the Miracolo, to gain enhanced speed and strength.
  15. "Taken Hostage"- When Jason and Julie arrive in Gotham City, the Arkham Knight reveals to Bruce that he kidnapped them, and he will only return them alive only if Bruce prevents Lincoln from being elected mayor of Gotham City. Alfred reveals the truth to Bruce, and the team, and reveals that he wanted to return to England, so the team can focus more on the Arkham Knight and feels that he shouldn't be there. Batman heads to New York, and recruits a magical vigilante known as Zatanna Zatarra (Lacey Chabert), for help as her powers are derived from magic. Zatanna tracks down Jason and Julie, to a building once owned by Harvey Dent. Batman, Guardian, Robin, Alfred and Zatanna head to the location, but they only find Arkham Knight, and that it was a ruse to move Julie and Jason to another location. The attack causes Arkham Knight to rethink letting Lincoln March, run for mayor, and reveals that he wants Bruce to give away ownership of Wayne Enterprises to him. Arkham Knight is about to kill Batman, until Zatanna siphons the Arkham Knight's Miracolo abilities, leaving him a normal human while Batman knocks him out. Later, the team fight William, and Batman nearly kills William until Guardian and the team tell Bruce to let him live. Bruce visits Julie and Jason, before they head back to Metropolis and Zatanna heads back to New York. In the End, Alfred leaves the team, and goes back to England. In Flashbacks, Tazalla tortures a suspect for hours, and she tells Bruce to kill him but Bruce and Kyle decide to sabotage the mission, when they realize what Tazalla's true plans are.
  16. "Only For Love"- Harley Quinn  returns to Gotham City  and begins targeting couples at a getaway resort. While the team works to track her whereabouts and prevent any more killings, Commissioner Kyle works to keep Harvey Dent in prison, so Harvey can be charged for murder. After several failed attempts find a suitable witness, Thea reveals that she and Barbara were kidnapped by the Arkham Knight. The team discovers that Harley Quinn  is targeting couples that have recently been married. In order to draw her out, Bruce convinces Barbara to go undercover at the resort, pretending that they are celebrating their anniversary. The plan works,and Harley Quinn attacks Bruce and Barbara at the resort. Bruce distracts Harley Quinn long enough for Guardian and Robin to apprehend her. At trial, Thea's testimony is deemed sufficient to establish probable cause for the charges, and Harvey is arrested and sentenced to life in prison, without bail. In Flashbacks, Bruce is forced to lead Tazalla to a mysterious cave, but in order for Tazalla not to use it and become strong, Bruce steals it and runs off.
  17. "Touch Of Ivy"- A Meta-Human, college Professor named Pamela Isley (Jessica Chastain), with the ability to control plants, travels to Gotham City in search of Alfred since he has a weapon that she needs. Pamela attacks Wayne Enterprises where Alfred, Barbara and Thea are. She then holds the board hostage, until Alfred turns himself in to her. Curtis goes to Bruce's house, and reveals that Alfred is back in Gotham City but he, Thea and Barbara are held hostage back at Wayne Enterprises. Batman, Guardian and Curtis arrives at Wayne Enterprises, but Poison Ivy's plant attack poisons Bruce ,Curtis realizes that the poison inside Bruce has multiplied. Lucius creates a cure, with help from Lena and gives it to Bruce. Alfred  is able to evacuate the board members, while Poison Ivy reveals that she is after the weapon that Alfred had implanted inside his knee. She is after the device because she has a disease where she won't be able to walk, and would leave her human. Curtis develops a virus that disables her abilities , which works and uses them to stop Pamela. In Flashbacks, Bruce, Andrea and Kyle goes after Tazalla  who reveals that the Miracolo has already started to grant her enhanced strength and speed. As her powers dwindle, Tazalla escapes through the cave.
  18. "Death In The Family"- Adam Pennyworth, Alfred's brother  tells his brother that he was approached by William about a plan to break Dent out of prison. Batman,Guardian and Alfred stop the Arkham Militia's  plan, but it turns out to be a ruse designed to let William and the League Of Assassins followers invade the Batcave and steals Dent's Miracolo serum. The team attempts to locate William, with Adam providing information. William delivers the serum to Dent , but it will not work because it is incomplete. Alfred reveals to Adam that he personally hid the missing formula in another location. Bruce does not trust Adam, and confronts him as Batman. Alfred stops the interrogation, and argues with Bruce. Harvey orchestrates a prison riot, and the team sets out to stop him with Adam joining them.  However, when the team reaches the Arkham Knight, Adam  turns on them and gives Arkham Knight the missing formula for his Miracolo serum. With his powers restored, the Arkham Knight shoots Thea as revenge upon Bruce before escaping with William, Adam  and several inmates. Thea  later dies at the hospital. In Flashbacks, Bruce  helps the island prisoners escape, while Kyle  sets off a bomb to bury Tazalla, and keep her hidden in the cave.
  19. "Robins"- As the team mourns Thea's death and tries to determine their next move against the Arkham Knight , there is a sighting of the Robin stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Bruce discovers that Thea's suit, and weapons  is missing from her belongings from the hospital. The imposter turns out to be an Arkham Militia prisoner named Carrie Kelley (Stefanie Scott) whom Bruce  left behind after he saved his team when they were kidnapped by the Arkham Knight. , believing that she was with Arkham Knight  voluntarily. Bruce looks for a way to resurrect Thea , even soliciting Talia Al Ghul for help. Alfred, angry at being betrayed by Adam goes after Lincoln March, but Bruce as Batman and Guardian intervenes to prevent him from doing something he would regret. As a result, Lincoln uses his mayoral authority to issue arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Kelley goes after Lincoln publicly, but Batman is able to talk her out of killing the Mayor. At Thea's funeral, Bruce reveals Thea Wayne as the Robin  to preserve her image with the city. Afterwards, Bruce vows to kill the Arkham Knight. In Flashbacks, weeks after Martha Wayne's death, Bruce and Thea  struggle to come to terms with her death. In the end, Bruce leaves a letter for Thea , telling her that he's leaving.
  20. "Hellfire"- The Arkham Knight returns to the Arkham Militia  and kills the remaining board members before renewing his plans for "Hellfire". Bruce and Barbara meet an immortal super soldier, Eve Eden  who educates Bruce about enhanced strength. Eden explains that the Arkham Knight's Miracolo serum channels darkness and death, feeding him more power, but there is an opposing force that channels light and hope. After a mystical ritual, Eden tells Bruce  that the darkness inside him is too strong to channel the light. In Gotham City, Alfred locates Adam , but is captured after a brief shootout. Adam  puts a tracking device on him, then allows Alfred  to escape so that the Arkham Knight and his team can go after Alfred, Lucius, Lena and their daughter  and steal a control device to the world's nuclear weapons. Batman manages to stop the Arkham Knight by channeling the power of light, nullifying Arkham Knight's abilities. and forcing him to retreat. Alfred and Adam  battle again, with Alfred ultimately killing his brother. Lucius is taken by the Arkham Militia to a secret underground city. The team realizes that Arkham Knight plans to detonate nuclear weapons and build a new world over the ashes.
  21. "Reign Of Terror"- The Arkham Knight begins taking control over the world's nuclear missiles. The team seeks out Barbara's father Noah, to help disable the "Doom" program. The Arkham Knight sends Bane, Scarecrow, and The Riddler to find and kill Noah, but Batman and his team are able to rescue him from Arkham Knight's men. Noah agrees to help, but requires a high-powered processor from Wayne Enterprises. The team decide to break in and steal it, in order to use the high-powered processor. The Arkham Militia locates the team when Noah hacks into "Doom". As The Arkham Militia attacks, Barbara and her father shut down "Doom" and stop all missiles but one, which launches and heads to Dakota City. Barbara can only redirect it to a less populated town, where it detonates. Bruce and Alfred find Arkham Knight in the Nexus Lazarus pit chamber , gathering more power from all the deaths caused by the explosion. In Flashbacks, Tazalla escapes the caves, but Bruce, Kyle and Andrea steal the serum again. The serum starts to affect Kyle.
  22. "Lost In The Flames"- His power grown exponentially, The Arkham Knight attempts to reactivate "Doom" with the help of Barbara's former friend Leo, and launch the remaining missiles. However, Noah, Barbara and Curtis successfully shut down "Doom"  for good. Meanwhile, Batman and Outsider discover the underground town and track Lucius's whereabouts. William uses a mind-controlling drug on him which makes Lucius turn on Bruce. , but Bruce manages to talk him back to reality. Just then, Edward Nygma takes over the Arkham Militia's  command center and threatens to destroy Gotham City. Batman, Outsider, and Guardian  intercede, but the main power source is ruptured and explodes, destroying the city. The town is evacuated and Nygma escapes, but not before killing Lincoln March . In response, Arkham Knight plans to use "Doom" to destroy the city and shows up at Bruce and Barbara's house where Barbara, her mother, and Curtis are. In Flashbacks, the Miracolo begins to slowly corrupt Kyle, feeding him ever more power from each soldier Kyle, Bruce and Andrea kill.  Bruce takes the serum and tries to talk him down , but Tazalla suddenly arrives and confronts them both.
  23. "You Have Failed This City"- The Arkham Knight  steals the laptop keeping him locked out of "Doom" and launches over 1,000 nuclear missiles, giving the team two hours to prevent worldwide annihilation. With Gotham City citizens rioting, Bruce addresses everyone directly, inspiring hope in them to stay strong, while Barbara and Curtis divert the missile aimed at Gotham City. Bruce as Batman goes after Arkham Knight , while Barbara, Dent and Lucius track down "Doom". Barbara is able to convince Leo to stop helping The Arkham Knight , and Curtis devises a means to stop the missiles. Batman is able to nullify Arkham Knight's abilities with the hope he inspired throughout the city. While the citizens of Gotham City take on Arkham Knight's  remaining men, Batman and Harvey Dent AKA Arkham Knight  physically battle, with Batman killing the Arkham Knight. Afterward, Kyle decides to take a leave of absence, Lucius and Alfred leave the team for new lives, and Bruce regains control of Wayne Enterprises. In Flashbacks, Tazalla and Kyle fight; Kyle uses his enhanced strength, and nearly defeats Tazalla long enough before Bruce kills her. After, Bruce is forced to kill Kyle at his urging, when he is  unable to escape the darkness within. Bruce contacts Amanda Waller  to rescue the rest of the prisoners and keep the Miracolo safe.

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