The Fastest Man Alive's ready to kick some butts in his own tv show.



Barry Allen/Flash (Neil Patrick Harris)

Jay Garrick/Flash ()

Wally West/Kid Flash ()

Bart Allen/Impulse ()

Iris West ()

Linda Park ()

Captain Darryl Frye ()

Patty Spivot ()

Detective Frank Curtis ()

Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick ()

Ira West ()


Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Seth MacFarlane)

Richard Swift/Shade (Seth MacFarlane)

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (C. Thomas Howell)

Lisa Snart/Golden Glider (Mae Whitman)

Mick Rory/Heat Wave ()

Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard ()

Abra Kadabra (Jeff Bennett)

Albert Desmond/Dr. Alchmeny ()

George "Digger" Hawkness/Captain Boomerang (John DiMaggio)

Gorilla Grodd (Charles Halford)

Sam Scudder/Mirror Master ()

James Jesse/Trickster ()

Roscoe Dillon/Top (Steve Blum)

David Hersch/Cicada ()

Frankie Kane/Magenta ()

Roy G. Bivolo/Rainbow Raider ()

Tony Woodward/Girder (Fred Tatasciore)

Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper ()

Dufus S. Ratchett/Big Sir ()

Hunter Zolomon/Zoom ()

Black Flash ()

Joey Monteleone/Tar Pit ()

Savitar ()

Lashawn Baez/Peek-a-Boo ()

Thaddeus Thawne/Inertia ()

Peter Merkel, Jr./Rag Doll ()


Season 1

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