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The Flash of Two Worlds was the seventeenth installment of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the first film in Phase Three. The film was directed by Justin Lin and was written by Lin and Kevin Smith. The Flash of Two Worlds serves as a sequel to both The Flash and The Flash: Mirrors.


  • Mike Vogel as Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Sam Rockwell as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash
  • Bruce Greenwood as Jay Garrick/The Flash (Earth-2)
  • Jenna Fischer as Iris West
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy as David Singh
  • Allison Mack as Patty Spivot
  • Craig Robinson as James Forrest
  • Jake T. Austin as Wally West
  • Phil LaMarr as Julio Mendez
  • John Wesley Shipp as Joe West
  • Jim Jarmusch as Edward Clariss/The Rival
  • Neil McDonough as Henry Allen (flashback only)
  • Amanda Peet as Nora Allen (flashback only)
  • Alan Tudyk as Alan Scott/Green Lantern (Earth-2) (photo only)
  • Joe Manganiello as Carter Hall/Hawkman (Earth-2) (photo only)
  • Michael Anthony Hall as Wesley Dodds/Sandman (Earth-2) (photo only)
  • Billy Crudup as Charles McNider/Dr. Mid-Nite (Earth-2) (photo only)


Barry is lost and confused; he just discovered the man who killed his mother is someone known as the "Reverse-Flash", but was taken by Reverse-Flash and placed in a new world. After meeting this version of the Flash, he discovers that he is on another Earth; Earth-2, as that Earth's Flash, Jay Garrick, refers to it. Barry and Jay are forced to work together to get Barry back to his home, Earth-1, before the Reverse-Flash hurts Barry's loved ones; his co-workers, the Justice League, Iris, and anyone else close to Barry.

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