The Man and The Bat is a TV series based on the DC comics character Kirk Langstrom AKA Man-Bat.


Michael Emerson as Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat

Ray Liotta as Roman Sionis/Black Mask


  1. Kirk Langstrom tests a serum on himself, which used bat DNA, the serum ends up turning him in to a large Man-Bat creature. After drinking a few sheeps blood Batman shows up and fights him, though Man-Bat escapes. Kirk wakes up the next day and doesn't remember anything, though he starts to suspect something is happening when he wipes blood off from his mouth. Kirk goes through his day, though something is off, his co-workers are trying to stay away from him, even his own wife doesn't want to be near him. That night they lock him in the lab and Kirk begins to turn in to the Man-Bat, making him realize what had happened. The next day, everyone comes in, only to see Kirk had escaped last night by smashing the window.

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