The New Batman Adventures is an revisited version of the original New Batman Adventures. This series set in DC Comics Animated Universe Revisited.


Season 1

  1. Holiday Knights
  2. Sins of the Father
  3. Cold Comfort
  4. Double Talk
  5. You Scratch My Back
  6. Never Fear
  7. Joker's Millions
  8. Growing Pains
  9. Love is a Croc
  10. Torch Song
  11. The Ultimate Thrill
  12. Feel the Burn
  13. Over the Edge
  14. Mean Seasons
  15. Critters
  16. Cult of the Cat
  17. Animal Act
  18. Old Wounds
  19. The Demon Within
  20. Legends of the Dark Knight
  21. Girl's Night Out
  22. Mad Love
  23. Chemistry
  24. Beware the Creeper
  25. Judgement Day
  26. The Batman Revenge Squad Pt. 1
  27. The Batman Revenge Squad Pt. 2
  28. Return of the Terrible Trio
  29. Black Mask
  30. Secrets and Lies
  31. Fear Itself
  32. Something Fishy Pt. 1
  33. Something Fishy Pt. 2
  34. The Dark Knights of Two Worlds Pt. 1
  35. The Dark Knights of Two Worlds Pt. 2
  36. Secret Identity Crisis
  37. Batman in Wonderland Pt. 1
  38. Batman in Wonderland Pt. 2

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