Ultimate DC is Billy2009's own reality where his reimagines all of the DC characters. 


Ultimate Superman

Ultimate Batman

After the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne become the new Batman after he learns that his parents was the Batman and Batwoman.

Ultimate Superman/Batman (Mini-Series)

When Batman and Superman find themselves framed by imposters. They learns that Lex Luthor and Dr. Hugo Strange will behind of all this when they steal both of their DNA and created evil clones.

Ultimate Green Lantern

Ultimate Green Arrow

After he brother sacrifices himself to save his family, CEO Oliver Queen become the hero Green Arrow to find the crime boss who kills his brother and being him to justice.

Ultimate Green Lantern/Green Arrow (Mini-Series)

Ultimate Flash

After the death of his parents since his 11th birthday. Barry Allen, an STAR Labs scientist who was working late and was struck by lightning. After waking up from a coma for two mouths. Barry learns that the lighting give him super speeds. His brother, Crispus made a costume for him which made Barry become the Flash who is fighting for justice.

Ultimate Flash/Green Lantern (Mini-Series)

Flash and Green Lantern joining forces to stop the Reverse-Flash and Sinestro who team ups and plans on destroying their arch-enemies, once and for all.

Ultimate Dr. Fate

Ultimate Wonder Woman

Ultimate Aquaman

Ultimate Static

Ultimate Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (Mini-Series)

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman joining forces when Bizarro and Batzarro steals Wonder Woman's DNA and created Bizarra and they plans on destroying Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Ultimate Firestorm

Ultimate Justice League

Ultimate Martian Manhunter

Ultimate Teen Titans

Ultimate Supergirl

Ultimate Hawkman and Hawkwoman

Ultimate Hawk and Dove

Ultimate Justice Society

Ultimate Robin

Ultimate Doom Patrol

Ultimate Justice League vs. Teen Titans (Mini-Series)

Someone have hypnotized the Teen Titans. But, who in the team's rogue galleries behind of all this? It's up to the Justice League to find out whodunit.

Ultimate Batgirl

Ultimate Batwoman

Ultimate Captain Marvel

Ultimate Doom Patrol/Teen Titans (Mini-Series)

Ultimate Justice League International

Ultimate Blue Beetle

Ultimate Green Lantern Corps

Ultimate Brave and the Bold

Ultimate Justice League vs. Justice Society (Mini-Series)

Ultimate Secret Six

Ultimate Forever Evil (Limited Series)

Ultimate Nightwing

Ultimate Young Justice

Ultimate Red Robin

Ultimate Teen Titans vs. Young Justice (Mini-Series)

Ultimate Batman and Robin

Ultimate Batwing

Ultimate Steel

Ultimate Superman, Blue Beetle, Nightwing, Static, and Wonder Woman (Mini-Series)

Ultimate Superboy

Ultimate Invasion! (Limited Series)