Warlock is a spin-off series to the tv series Assassin. It follows the demon hunter John Constantine.


Troy Baker as John Constantine/ Golden Boy/ Future John Constantine

John DiMaggio as Demon Constantine/ Nergal/ Giovanni

Tara Strong as Bellia/Zatanna Zatara/ Future Zatanna Zatara/Maria Constantine/Famine

Frank Welker as Felix Faust

James Arnold Taylor as Barry Allen/Flash,Lucifer, Wotan

Will Friedle as Wally West/Adam Constantine

Neil Patrick Harris as Gabriel

Johnny Reeds as Gentleman Ghost/ Jason Blood

Drake Bell as Zachary,Evil Zachary, Demon Zachary

Michael Rosenbaum as Dead man

Richard Green as Phantom Stranger/Spectre/First of The Fallen

Nolan North as Death, War

Keith Szarabajka as Pestilence

Grey Griffin as Cynthia


Season 1

  1. After exorcising a demon John is confronted by an old enemy of his, a living clay replica of himself called demon Constantine, named so because it doesn't have a soul and a body without a soul is a demon's playground.
  2. Bellia breaks out of her cage, and she begins stealing souls.
  3. John is almost killed in a magic duel with Zatanna Zatara because he sees a vision of a man who looks exactly like him but with red eyes, John is determined to find out who this man is.
  4. Zatanna tells him that he saw Felix Faust a Demon of some sort.
  5. John visits Felix but he is old and withered so he could not be the man John saw, but his age does not stop Felix from attacking John.
  6. Soon John sees the man again. It happened to be his unborn brother whos soul he accidentally trapped in the underworld.
  7. John faces his Brother who just captured Zatanna.
  8. John's brother, now named the golden boy, opens a portal to a possible future where John is a tyrant.
  9. With John and Future John mistaken in Each Universe The Real John tries to find In the Future Zatanna.
  10. With help from Future Zatanna, John gets back to his time and confronts Future John.
  11. Future John, and John have a show down. While Lucifer returns.
  12. Lucifer reveals he is here for help since his home dimension has been taken over by Golden Boy. John travels to the underworld to defeat his brother that never was.
  13. With Barry and Wally in the Future they plan on Stopping Future John and Golden Boy once and for all.
  14. John attempts to go back to his "normal" life but for some reason he is still having visions of Golden Boy.
  15. Future John's two evil kids named Adam and Maria Constantine come to kill John while Golden Boy awakens Demon Constatine.
  16. John fights Golden Boy while Zatanna fights Adam and Maria. Once their foes are defeated John and Zatanna go to fight Demon Constantine but he is gone.
  17. Demon Constantine happens to be serving Lucifer who betrayed them.
  18. John and Zatanna take care of Lucifer and head to have the final battle with Demon Constantine but when they get there he has vanished once again.
  19. John figures that Gabriel betrayed the angel order and is working with Demon Constantine. So John heads to face Demon Constantine.
  20. Zatanna defeats Gabriel. Demon Constantine tries to disappear but John grabs him and they are both transported to the space between spaces.
  21. John manages to kill Demon Constantine. Soon Gabriel disappears. Meanwhile a man named Gentleman Ghost comes to town.
  22. John finds out Gentleman Ghost is the ghost of Jack the ripper. Gentleman Ghost possesses Zatanna's father Giovanni, who is a very powerful magician.

Season 2

  1. Gabriel recreates Demon Constantine. While John faces Gentleman Ghost.
  2. After regaining control of his body Giovanni slips back in to retirement meanwhile Gentleman Ghost and John fight on the astral plain.
  3. Gabriel plans on bringing Demons back on Earth's Surface. While John faces Demon Constantine, and Gentleman Ghost.
  4. Zatanna destroys all the demons possessing Demon Constantine leaving him a statue again. Gabriel is trapped in another plain of existence. Gentleman Ghost disappears.
  5. With all threats seemed gone Felix Faust returns.
  6. Felix is possessed by Gentleman Ghost who unleashes chaos all across the city.
  7. Gentleman Ghost frees Gabriel who continues his plan to unleash the demons. While John battles the returning Golden Boy.
  8. John defeats Golden Boy and traps him back in the underworld. Gentleman Ghost frees Felix Faust and instead possesses Gabriel.
  9. Gabriel's possession was ordered by himself. Demons are released all over the city.
  10. John kills two birds with one stone by trapping Gabriel and Gentleman Ghost in the space between spaces. A strange man named the Phantom Stranger warns John that in the not to distant future a demon will destroy all magic on the planet.
  11. The demon comes and it begins sucking peoples souls.
  12. The demon starts draining witches, wizards and warlocks of their magic so to stop it John traps it in the body of a mortal.
  13. The Demon in the Mortal Body begins breaking physics of Demons in Humans Bodies.
  14. The mortal, Jason Blood, takes control of the demon and helps John defeat other demons.
  15. Gabriel broke out and he putted Heaven and Hell in the city.
  16. Gabriel gives Demon Constantine life again and frees Golden Boy, John takes care of Golden Boy first.
  17. With Golden Boy captured Demon Constantine kills John Constantine. In The hell area of the City John is under it.
  18. While in the city of hell John helps a family get rid of a few demons who had threatened to kill them if they didn't pay rent.
  19. John makes it out of hell and heads towards to Banish Gabriel in where he got Trapped.
  20. John fights with Demon Constantine and eventually destroys him for good.
  21. Gabriel creates a Huge Powerful version of Demon Constantine, so John must find a way to destroy The New Demon Constantine and Gabriel.
  22. John, Gabriel and Demon Constantine have there final battle that ends with the death of John, but he is greeted by the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre who tell him he will be given one last chance. John is brought back to life with even more powerful magic, he defeats Demon Constantine and Gabriel and then separates hell, heaven and Earth before loosing this new magic. John and the rest then go to a nice place to eat where John is told everything is on the house for there savior.

Season 3

  1. John's lost Magic releases A Demon Named Nergal into the World. Zatanna says that the Only way you can stop Nergal is to find A man named Deadman, and gain Newer Magic.
  2. Deadman helps John gain the abilities of a ghost.
  3. John faces Nergal but he lost and he almost died. Meanwhile Zatanna chases a sorcerer with powerful magic.
  4. Giovanni tells Zatanna the sorcerer is actually her cousin, Zachary, and he is an ally. John searches for Phantom Stranger to gain more powerful magic.
  5. The Phantom Stranger gives him the magic but he says That It can only be used once. While Zachary is getting tempted to darkness by Nergal.
  6. Zachary stays in the protection of Giovanni so that Nergal can't get him. John gains a new spell from the Spectre that can turn humans to stone, wood, dirt, ect.
  7. John fires it at Nergal but he dodged it. While Nergal Kills Giovanni.
  8. Zachary starts panicking, so much in fact he is taking panic attacks. Nergal tries to use this to his advantage but Zachary attempts to kill Nergal for what he did but Zatanna stops him.
  9. Nergal turns Zachary halfway evil. So Zatanna tries to stop it from happening. At the end it shows Zachary creating a giant Demon.
  10. John attempts to use his transforming spell on Nergal but all it does is give him a headache. Zachary battles evil Zachary for control of his mind.
  11. Soon Evil Zachary has control of Zachary's mind. While John tries to find a way to defeat Nergal.
  12. John comes to a horrifying realization, his evil future self probably has magic that can defeat Nergal.
  13. John travels to the future to steal the magic from his evil future Self. While Evil Zachary begins destroying cities.
  14. Zatanna talks to Zachary and almost brakes him out but all that happens is Zachary and Evil Zachary have a conflict that ends in Zachary's body passing out. John is almost successful in stealing Future John's magic but, unfortunately, Future John wakes up so John must leave.
  15. Future John sends his Children Adam and Maria to stop him. While Evil Zachary breaks out of Zachary's normal body and takes Zachary's magic with him.
  16. John travels back to the past and finds out what has happened, John puts of Nergal to take care of Evil Zachary.
  17. John traps Evil Zachary in another Dimension. While Nergal has Zachary's magic.
  18. The demon Evil Zachary was creating wakes up and starts destroying the city so Zatanna must stop it. John finds out Nergal is hiding in the space between spaces.
  19. John battles Nergal in an Epic battle, at the end a demon is looking out in the city.
  20. The demon sends a message to John saying that he needs help and to meet him in the woods but when he gets there a wolf demon attacks him. After defeating the wolf the demon tells John that he is someone he knows.
  21. John battles waves of demons. While Jason Blood destroys Nergal once and for all.
  22. A few months later John realizes that there have been no demon attacks lately but the demon who called him before tells John he is coming. John and the rest search for the demon only to realize it is in John's house and that it is Demon Constantine who has been reconstructed, John has the final battle with his doppelgänger. Once he is defeated they all attempt to go out drinking but an army of Demon Constantines come out of nowhere and they must defeat them all, in the process many buildings are destroyed and they are almost arrested but John takes all the blame.

Season 4

  1. With John in Jail for what happened a few years ago Gabriel breaks him out. Gabriel warns him that Felix Faust returns, and he is making an army of Demon Constantines, and Demon Zantanas, and Demon Jason Bloods. So John breaks out and tries to stop Felix Faust. While Zachary begins turning into a demon hunter.
  2. John starts searching for Faust but it is very hard since he is now wanted.
  3. John, and Gabriel must work together when Jason, and Zatanna turns against John because when he was in Jail the Alternate John from Earth 3 posed as him. So They have to find and attack Felix.
  4. John and Gabriel travel to Sweden where they start coming up with plans to clear John's name, unfortunately a Demon Constantine, Demon Zatanna and Demon Jason Blood followed them.
  5. John and Gabriel battle the demons. While Felix Faust shows he has Zachary's lost powers.
  6. John and Gabriel's plan so far is to have John unlock his full potential like he did in his fight against Gabriel himself. Zachary gains a very small amount of magic from Zatanna.
  7. Zachary helps John, and Gabriel fight Felix. While Felix is creating a Demon Zachary with his Powers that he stole.
  8. To finish off his demon Felix has the demon possessed by Evil Zachary. The demon wakes up and goes to take his revenge.
  9. Demon Zachary battles John, Gabriel, and Zachary. While Gabriel Kills John.
  10. Zachary asks why Gabriel did what he did but all Gabriel says is "you'll see." John wakes up in purgatory where he meets Phantom Stranger and Spectre again, this time they tell him he can't come back. Demon Zachary starts destroying New York.
  11. John finds someone else to bring him back. A man named Death. While Gabriel, and Zachary fight Demon Zachary. At the end John rises from the dead with power of Death.
  12. John finds out he has to unlock his new found power so he goes to find someone to mentor. Felix tries to take control of Demon Zachary but is killed, this gives Zachary back his power.
  13. With Felix's death John thinks the world is back to normal. Until Death comes telling John, that the Other 3 horsemen turned evil. While he heard that War one of the Horsemen attack John.
  14. John and the rest go to confront Demon Zachary and the other two horsemen, Demon Zachary wants to unlock John's full potential but no matter what he does nothing happens untill he hurts Zatanna which turns John in to his full powerd form again.
  15. John destroys Demon Zachary with the magic, While Famine arrives in town and is out to kill Death, and John.
  16. John turns back to normal but still sends Famine back to her home, John then falls in to a coma and his friends go in to his mind to help him.
  17. Death figures that it is the last Horseman Pestilence. After they get him out of John's mind all of the 3 rogue Horsemen unite.
  18. John is still healing in bed being taken care of by Zatanna and Gabriel while Zachary and Death fight the rogue horsemen.
  19. The Horsemen wipe out Zachary while Death goes to get John, and gives him full power to defeat the Horsemen.
  20. John tries to use his power but he can't so he is defeated by the Horsemen, he wakes up in Limbo where he meets multiple damned souls.
  21. He sees some of his very old enemies in Limbo including Bellia who tells him The Only way to defeat the Horsemen is to use this ring that can defeat them.
  22. John finds a way out of Limbo and finds his friends fighting the Horsemen, he puts on the ring and unlocks all the power he has gained throughout his journey and uses it to fight the Horsemen, every hit does serious damage to who ever was hit until all of the Horsemen are defeated and sent back from where they came, the ring then melts off his finger and John goes back to normal. At the end John is about to be arrested but every hero he's met, including Bruce Wayne, come and say if they arrest John they have to arrest them as well, after seeing this a bunch of citizens come and say the same, this makes the police walk away. John and his friends are all sitting at a park when all of a sudden Death falls on his knees, screaming before disappearing.

Season 5

  1. John soon investigates Death's disappearance. Soon with John's investigation he discovered that Bellia gave him that ring so all of the Horsemen will enter her body. Now with all of the Horsemen's power Belliah begins destroying the city. She says," Thank you John."
  2. Bellia separates Jason Blood and Etrigan before taking Etrigan's magic, she does this to multiple magic users, including Dead Man and Gabriel, she even travels to other worlds to steal Golden Boy, Nergal, Felix Faust and Gentalman Ghost's. John and everyone else who still have magic hide in the house of mystery which is owned by Cain, the first murderer.
  3. Cain tells John, along with everyone else in the house that The only one that can Stop Bellia is God himself.
  4. John and the rest decide to stay in the house till they have a plan. A Demon Constantine tries to find out where he came from, Future John reads a book in the liebrary but is attacked by what he calls book bats,Adam and Maria play magic tag which means they are throwing fire at each other, John is going to the basement to find some scrolls but finds a large lizard monster that turns out to be a pet, and Cain is walking around the house narrating the story of the raven to his brother Abel.
  5. Beliah with an army of SKeleton like people attack the House. She says That John will bring her blood of the First Angel in the Universe, and she will bring everyone peace. John refuses so Belliah begins an attack, some of the people got Captured, and Cain, Future John, John, and Demon Constantine survived.
  6. They hide in the house of secrets which was owned by Abel, the house of secrets is a lot more protected than the house of mystery but is a lot less strange, while there John starts having dreams of a woman in a gold hood and glowing skin, the strangest part is no one knows this woman, not even Future John who knows a lot more than John.
  7. John sees the Woman again, but she warns John, that if you give Belliah the Blood of the First Angel Worlds will fall. Meanwhile Belliah with Adam, Maria, and Abel captured she begins putting some sort of toxin in them making them mindless goons for her.
  8. Cain takes John to a pond and says that if he sleeps in it he will be able to talk to anyone he wants, including the woman he keeps seeing. Adam, Maria and Abel attack the house and John can't help them since he is still asleep and if they wake him up they will kill him so they deside to fight, Cain and the rest win and Maria and Adam are locked in a dungeon but not Abel since he escaped.
  9. John sees the girl and she says that She wants him to meet her in person so she can tell him what is going on. While Future John tries Speaking to his still mind controlled children, and Adam kills Future John, possessing his body, along with Maria.
  10. John meets with this woman who turns out to be a very pretty witch named Cynthia who tells him that she dies early on in Future John's time and that the legend of a demon that takes all magic is true and John is that demon (since he is technically a half demon) but the magic will return once John is done, after this Cynthia gives John all of her magic. A small peace of Future John remains but it is mostly Adam and Maria who are in control, they start destroying the house of secrets.
  11. Cynthia tells John if you get the first angel blood he turns evil, and if he Gets God to stop Belliah John turns into an Angel to God, While Cain tries Stopping Adam and Maria.
  12. John meets with an old man in the woods, he immediately knows this man is either godlike or God himself, he blackmails this man by saying if he dies and goes to hevean he will turn it in to hell. Adam and Maria start arguing like a brother and sister would which gives Cain an open spot so he rams his head in to their gut.
  13. John figures the man was God. He tries persuading God to defeat Belliah. While Belliah makes Adam,and Marie Angel Bodies, while she Possesses Future John, and Captures Cain.
  14. God tells John that he doesn't need help since John is already so powerful, John does not know what he is talking about when God touches John's head and shows him that he is already flowing with power all he has to do is unlock it. To chear Zatarra up since she has not seen John for a long time Dead Man possesses her and makes her fly, when he comes out he finds out Zatarra loves John.
  15. With God's help John goes to stop Belliah, but first he gets Greeted by Adam and Maria, who has their Angel bodies, and he blasts them out and heads towards Belliah. Meanwhile Belliah is Draining all of Cain's magic.
  16. John goes to fight Belliah but she swats him like a fly before leaving, John has an idea, he can't go to heaven so now all he needs to do is convince the ruler of hell he shouldn't go to hell and he will be immortal.
  17. The Ruler of Hell says to John that if he can Beat Belliah he can not go to hell. He tells John that Cynthia unlocked his Power, and If he goes to God, Him, Spectre, and a man named Dr. Fate he will have the Full Power to Beat Her.
  18. John tries to find Dr. Fate but he finds out he is in another dimension, when he enters it he looks around and sees floating islands, lava monsters, angels with black wings and little imps running around but the worst part is he finds out no one there knows where Fate is.
  19. John encounters a Strange Demon Man named Wotan. He attacks JOhn with special Magic. Soon He got rescued by a Man wearing Yellow. Soon he says that he is Dr. Fate, and he gives him the magic, but First John has to do a Favor.
  20. Fate tells John the helmet he is wearing is just a less powerful replica of his actual helmet which is one of the most powerful things in the universe and it has been stolen by a voodoo worker named Papa Midnite, he asks John to get it back for him.
  21. He gets the Mask, and Fate gives him the Powers. John goes to Spectre and he Activates the final bit of his power. While Belliah gets the blood of Lucifer who was the first angel, and she starts Destroying the World.
  22. Belliah flys to the moon and is about to destroy the world but all of a sudden John shows up and attacks her, John and Belliah fight, everytime there is a succesful hit there is a large explosion, one is so large that people on Oa can see it. Eventually John beats her and takes all of the magic she had stolen, John goes mad with power but Zatanna comes to him and tries to talk to him but John isn't listening so she kisses him which snaps John out of it and all of the magic that Belliah stole goes back to its owners, this gives Future John and his kids back control. The episode ends with John saying this quest has tought him a something, even the worst people in the world still have just a little good in them but there are always those who are pure evil, with that the episode ends by showing a man in a cloak with devil hornes saying that he is coming, and when he does John will die.

Season 6

  1. John eats at a Cafe and then a giant Portal Appeared with a man with Devil Horns popping out. He says that he is The Lord of The Fallen, and he attacks John with powerful Demons he has never faced before. After the fight Zatanna gets captured.
  2. John tries to travel to The First of the Fallen's relm but something or someone is keeping him out so he desides to go to the future to get help from Future Constantine but not even he can get there. The First of the Fallen tries to turn Zatanna in to a Fallen.
  3. Soon The First of The Fallen successfully turned Zatanna into a Fallen and she goes to attack John. Soon John figures out why The First of The Fallen created field that no one can travel to another Relm.
  4. The Spectre helps John travel to The Fallens relm which is basically hell but worse, he is attacked by multiple Fallen who beat him, John then wakes up in a cell where the First of the Fallen tells him that the cell he is in can only be unlocked by Fallen and it was created using John's magic.
  5. John gets freed by Raven who says that her Father Trigon was a Fallen, and that makes her part Fallen. Soon when they were about to leave they get greeted by Zatanna who is now a Fallen. John tries talking to her then She attacks him. Raven and John barely Made it out Alive.
  6. People start randomly dying and John finds out that Fallen is doing this because who, if he kills them, can turn mortals in to Fallens, this is the last straw so John and he once again unlocks his full power, he travels to Fallen's realm but he is beaten and sent to purgatory.
  7. John is in Purgatory where a Fallen is about to kill him then Raven saves him. But again he faces a Fallen Zatanna he tells her that he loves her, but she just kills him
  8. With John dead Raven and the rest work on a way to bring him back but they find out they have used every way to bring him back and all of them could only be used once so they actually have to find John, but where does someone go if they can't go to heaven or hell?
  9. Spectre revived John , but this is the Final Chance. John comes back and Raven says that Zatanna is gone. He feels sad. He lays down praying to God to bring her back. God comes and says that He can't do that and that John must face his Fears. At the end John challenges Zatanna.
  10. John and Zatanna fight and it ends with him curing her but the Fallen shows up and kills her before disappearing.
  11. Soon with Zatanna dead John tears apart. Soon The First of The Fallen turns Zatanna into a Fallen again, but increased the Strength and immunity to being cured. Then John faces Fallens.
  12. Fallen is sitting on his throne when John bursts in coverd in blood dragging a dead Fallen behind him, he then tells Fallen that he is here for his revenge, his eyes then become yellow implying he has unlocked every peace of his power.
  13. Fallen easily defeats him. He copies John's power and Puts it into Zatanna who is still a Fallen, She faces John, and she traps him in a different world.
  14. Fallen and Zatanna are walking off when John brakes out but he is sent back, then he brakes out again and again and again until Fallen realizes he is not giving up so Fallen and Zatanna just decide to fight him, it ends with John falling on the ground and giving up.
  15. Fallen takes John to a really Big Prison. He locks John in it. Soon He was about to kill him then Raven comes and frees him, and wipes out Fallen, and Zatanna.
  16. Raven tells John that Fallen and his race are down but not out and that John is the only one who can beat them but John is broken and goes so far to say maybe the world deserves to be destroyed, after this Raven yells at him and goes to find someone else to finish off Fallen.
  17. When Raven tries to find someone else she gets kidnapped by Zatanna and she calls John to help her. John goes and tries to help her, but Zatanna defeats him easily, and he gets crushed.
  18. John wakes up with Raven healing his back since it was broken, he looks around and sees they are in a prison where he is told by another prisoner that no one has ever escaped to which John then says one person will and that person will be him.
  19. John breaks out with Raven who found a way to break out. Soon When they make it out, and back into mortal Earth. It shows Fallen saying that he Wanted John to escape so he can cause a massive Fallen invasion.
  20. John doesn't know what he means by this but Fallen explains that the Fallen and the humans have a deal, the Fallen may not attack unless a human attacks a Fallen, and since John has attacked Fallen multiple times they may now start a war, Fallen then teleports off.
  21. Soon The Fallens attack numerous Places. John knows he can't do this by Himself. Soon he gets joined by every hero he met, and then they fight the Fallens. John battles Fallen Zatanna for the last time until he accedently killed her.
  22. The death of Zatanna makes John so mad that he once again unlocks all of his power but this time it is literally all of his power. When he confronts Fallen, Fallen mocks him and calls him weak until John punches him with what Fallen calls the force of a million suns, Fallen to make things even unlocks his own power. They fight with every single one of their hits cousing an explosion, Fallen tries to give a short speach but John isn't having it and attacks him with a large fire ball, Fallen flys as fast as he can and punches John in his gut so hard he goes flying to the ground. Fallen comes to finish him off when John forces all of his magic out in one large blast that turns Fallen in to dust, John then dies. It ends with everyone John has met going to his funeral with his tomb stone reading "here lies John Constantine, a man, a hero, a warlock."