The first season of the CW show Wayne began as a villain of the week, but near the end developed more of a plot with the introduction of a main villain and continuing story. Before the first season aired the CW had two web exclusive vidoes related to Wayne, one called "Crossfire", which was a short recreation of the Batman origin, and the other called "The Manor", which was a camera zooming through Wayne Manor before stopping on a picture of Thomas and Martha Wayne and revealing Logan Lerman as Bruce Wayne for the first time.



Logan Lerman as Bruce Wayne

Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth

Juno Temple as Linda Page

Ian Somerhalder as Julius Throne


Paddy Considine as Mattew Throne

Glenn Thomas Jacobs as Aaron Helzinger

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Ted Carson

Michael Eklund as The Electrocutioner


  1. "Pilot"-Bruce Wayne, the richest person in Gotham City, is talked in to attending Gotham Academy by his butler Alfred Pennyworth. While there he meets Linda Page, who is also attending the Academy and is training to become a Doctor. Bruce is enjoying his time there, but it quickly takes a turn for the worst when a man in a mask who seems to be the same age as Bruce threatens the Academy before showing off the fact he has psychokinesis. Bruce and Linda decide to work together to take down whoever this man is.
  2. "Hot Spot"-
  3. "Thunder And Lightning"-
  4. "Russian Roulette"-
  5. "Where There's Smoke"-
  6. "Kiss Of Death"-
  7. "The Underground"-
  8. "Tick Tock"-
  9. "The Thrones"-
  10. "Wrecking Crew"-
  11. "The Ground Is Shaking"-
  12. "Rivals"-
  13. "Bombs"-
  14. "Shocking"-
  15. "The Hit"-
  16. "Sky Diving"-
  17. "All The Happy People"-
  18. "Feeling Blue"-
  19. "Project Hermes"-
  20. "Blown Away"-
  21. "Move Fast"-
  22. "Mr. Throne Would Like To See You"-


  • Mattew Throne is based on the Superman villain Lex Luthor
  • It is implied Meta-Humans existed long before Bruce was even born, but they have only been given a name recently.
  • In a season much later on there is a big twist about the character Julius Throne, and even back in season one it is hinted at multiple times, such as it turning out his family and Bruce's used to be buisness partners, him knowing quite a lot about how the human body works, and even him just being a school friend of Bruce all hints to the twist.

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