What If? is a comic series exploring different what ifs for the DC Universe


What If Bruce Wayne's Parents never Died?

When Joe Chill is about to shoot Bruce's parents a mystery figure saves his parents. Now Bruce Wayne now grown up decides to figure out who this heroic Red Hood is, and he begins helping him fight crime, but not as a hero.

What If Raven was evil Not Trigon?

In the Underworld Trigon raised his daughter not to be evil, and to protect. Then when Raven turns 16 she decides to be evil unlike her father's sayings. Now Trigon sent 5 heroes to stop Raven from taking over the universe.

What If Harleen Quinzel didn't meet the Joker?

Harleen Quinzel got an psychiatrist job at school when she became pregnant to Cillian and Lorcan whom she dearly loves.

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