Wonder is a Netflix original show about Wonder Woman.



Gina Carlo As Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

Chris Pratt as Steve Trevor

Kate Cassidy as Artemis

Virginia Maddison As Hippolyta

Melissa Mccarthy As Etta Candy


Chris Vance as Ares

Jennifer Lawrence as Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah

Stephen Amell as Dr. Psycho

? As Dr. Cyber

Jim Carey as Angle Man

Jennifer Connelly as Veronica Cale/ Silver Swan

Robert Downey Jr as Ted Kord/ Blue Beetle


  1. "Pilot"- Diana Prince of Themyscira decides to move to The US to help people. Even though her mother Hippolyta, and lead warrior Artemis disapproves her plan. In America Diana meets a military member named Steve Trevor. She also meets his helper named Etta Candy. Soon a mysterious terrorist named The Angle Man begins on setting mysterious bombs. Diana makes a costume and fights the Angel Man. Diana manages to defeat Angel Man. At the end a mystery woman turns of the TV after the news shows reports about the new Wonder Woman.
  2. "Psychotic"- Steve Trevor begins seeing a mysterious man in his dream tempting him to kill Diana. Soon Steve grabs a gun, and is about to shoot Diana until he snaps out of it. Diana asks Steve why he was about to do it. And Steve replies HIM. Soon a bunch of people begin on trying to kill Diana. And she discovers they all had an encounter with HIM. Then Diana has a dream with HIM in it telling her to meet him in a factory. She finds him, and HIM reveals his real name to be Dr. Psycho. Dr. Psycho, and Diana fight until Diana manages to defeat Dr. Psycho. At the end the mystery woman breaks out Dr. Psycho, and Angle Man.
  3. "Secrets"- Etta Candy introduces Diana to one of her old friend Barbara Ann Minerva. But soon Diana does figure out Barbara mysteriously takes a drug named Cheetah. Barbara also soon begins acting more like an animal than a human. Diana soon reveals to Etta that she is Wonder Woman, and Barbara is acting evil. Etta first doesn't believe it until Barbara kidnaps her. So Diana soon faces Barbara now calling herself Cheetah. Diana manages to beat Barbara.
  4. "Dawn of Ares"-
  5. "Cybernetic"-
  6. "Beetle and The Spider"-
  7. "The Silver Swan"-
  8. "Villainous"-
  9. "Merry Christmas"-
  10. "Fall of Villainy Inc."
  11. "Revenge"-
  12. "New Years Pt. 1"-
  13. "New Years Pt. 2"-

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