This is a new Animated show about Wonder Woman


  • Grey Griffin as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Troy Baker as Ares,Steve Trevor
  • Laura Bailey as Barbra Anne Minerva/ Cheetah
  • Tara Strong as Veronica Dale
  • Nolan North as Apollo,Dr. Psycho


Season 1

  1. Diana a woman made from Clay, by Hippolyta, and Zeus was sent to Earth. Soon when she arrives she goes under the name Diana Prince, and meets a Man named Steve Trevor. Later she gets attacked by a man. Soon she brings out a gift Hippolyta gave her a Lasso, and tells him who sent him, and he says Ares.
  2. Steve introduces Diana to his girlfriend Barbra Minerva, but she later discovers that is a villain named Cheetah, Diana goes to stop her, when she also learns that she got her powers from Ares. Later, Veronica Dale move in with Diana as her roommate.
  3. When Steve Trevor investigates a gang called The Gods of War, Diana comes and reveals she is Wonder Woman, and a god, and the leader of The Gods of War is Ares. Soon Diana makes it to Ares, and Ares wins a fight between them, and is about to kill her when she gets saved by a mysterious man. Meanwhile Veronica goes into researching about Wonder Woman.
  4. Diana gets saved by a mysterious man named Apollo, but she later finds out that he was sent by Ares to kill her. Meanwhile, Veronica confronts Steve about Wonder Woman, but he lies to her to protect Diana's secret.
  5. Diana wakes up in a laboratory when she sees a man in a Bandana. He says his name is Dr. Psycho, and he works for Ares, and he is here to kill you. He grabs a knife, and almost stabs her when she uses her bracelets to block the sword stab. Then she breaks out, and defeats the man. Veronica asks Diana about Wonder Woman when she comes back, but she lies. At the end Barbra returns to make things right with Steve.

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