Wonder Woman is ready in her very own tv show.



Princess Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Sumalee Motano)

Donna Troy/Wonder Girl ()

Queen Hippolyta (Susan Blakeslee)

Artemis ()

Steve Trevor (Troy Baker)

Etta Candy ()

Antiope ()


Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah (Laura Bailey)

Ares (J.G. Hertzler)

Angelo Bend/Angle Man (James Woods)

Duke of Deception (Rick D. Wasserman)

Marina Maru/Dr. Poison (Elizabath Daily)

Circe (Kath Soucie)

Doris Zeul/Giganta (April Winchell)

Shim'tar (Kari Wuhrer)

Cylvia Cyber/Dr. Cyber (Ashleigh Ball)

Valerie Beaudy/Silver Swan (Jennifer Hale)

Medusa (Jodi Benson)

Edgar Cizko/Dr. Psycho (Danny Mann)

Byrna Brilyant/Blue Snowman (Gray Griffin)

Queen Clea (April Steward)

Eris (Scottie Ray)

Hades (Jonathan Adams)

LeTonya Charles/Cyborgirl (Susan Dailan)


Season 1

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