Wonder Woman is a 2015 live-action superhero film taking place in the DC Cinematic Universe. It stars Gina Carano as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta, and Gerard Butler as Ares.

Plot Synopsis

When the God of War Ares attacks America, the princess Diana of Themyscira is chosen to become the "Wonder Woman", a special warrior with an enchanted suit of armor that gives her the abilities of flight, super strength, and invulnerability. After arriving in America, she meets soldier Steve Trevor, who is part of the US military fighting against Ares. Together, they must defeat the God of War before he conquers the country.


  • Gina Carano as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Charlie Hunnam as Steve Trevor
  • Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta
  • Hugo Weaving as Zeus
  • Alan Tudyk as Hermes
  • Kate Beckinsale as Artemis
  • Gerard Butler as Ares
  • Stephen Lang as General Wade Eiling (cameo)