Wonder Woman 2 is a 2022 superhero action film based on the DC Comics character Wonder Woman. The film is a sequel to Wonder Woman, taking place in the 50s after the end of WWII.


Stuck in "Man's World" after her defeat of Ares, Diana has been happily married to Steve Trevor for years at this point. With the champion of Paradise Island in the United States, the witch-goddess Circe seizes the opportunity to attack the island. Queen Hippolyta is killed by Circe, which Diana can sense even from the alternate plane of existence. Steve and Diana set out to Themyscira to find out what happened, but it is revealed that the two have had a child, "Lyta" Trevor, who they leave in the care of Etta Candy. When battling Circe, Diana is left with no choice but to pray to the goddess Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite gives her a choice: to leave her family in Man's World and save her homeland or to stay with her family but let her homeland die. Choosing to save her people, Diana is given the strength to defeat Circe, and says goodbye to her husband and daughter.


  • Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman/Diana
  • TBA as Steve Trevor
  • TBA as Circe
  • TBA as Aphrodite
  • TBA as Queen Hippolyta
  • TBA as "Lyta" Trevor



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