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Wonder Woman 3 was the twenty-fourth installment of the DC Cinematic Universe, and the eighth film in Phase Three. The film was directed by Lexi Alexander and was written by Patty Jenkins, Chris Terrio, and Joss Wheadon. Wonder Woman 3 serves as a sequel to both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2.


  • Alexa Davalos as Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Eva Green as Circe
  • Scott Porter as Steve Trevor
  • Lynda Carter as Hippolyta
  • Jeff Bridges as Zeus
  • Phyllis Smith as Etta Candy
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Mala
  • Missy Peregrym as Artemis
  • Peter Stormare as Hades (flashback only)
  • Josh Brolin as Bruce Wayne/Batman (cameo only)


Back home in Boston with Steve Trevor following the events of Justice League: The Savage Time, Diana continues to protect the streets as Wonder Woman, and starts a boutique to hide her identity. Diana can't rest for long, though, because a new threat is coming; years ago, Diana's mother Hippolyta banished sorceress Circe to Hades' Underworld, due to her crimes against mortals. Now, Circe has escaped and is planning to not only take down Hipployta, but defeat Diana as well. In order to save everyone close to her, Diana must return to the island of Themyscira one last time to help the Amazons defeat the wicked sorceress Circe once and for all.

End-Credits Scene

Diana is shown working in her boutique. As she begins to shut down the store a man walks in. She quickly turns on the lights to discover Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, standing before her. Diana happily greets her friend, asking what exactly Bruce is here for. Bruce explains that the Justice League needs to re-assemble once again to take on a threat from "another dimension". Diana agrees, closes the store and leaves with Bruce.

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