Wonder Woman U is a comic series in the DC U continuity.

Story Arcs

The Greatest Warrior

The Amazons where some of the world's greatest warriors. They came from the island of Themyscira and quickly became some of the most feared people in the world. However, the Amazons realized that Themyscira may need someone to protect it while they're away, so they created the Golems, living statues that would fight until they where destroyed. The most powerful of these Golems was named Diana, and she quickly became known as one of the most powerful warriors in the world. In fact, she was so powerful that she was challenged to go up against some of the world's greatest warriors during a tournament. The Amazons accepted the challenge and got Diana ready for battle. They gave her one of their most powerful shields, and a sword created by Hephaestus himself. Diana entered the arena and fought every last warrior they sent against her, winning each time. By the end of this, Diana is crowned the world's greatest warrior, and is let go to travel back to Themyscira. For many, many years Diana protected the island of Themyscira, even after all the Amazons had left and all the other Golems where destroyed, Diana stayed and became a thing of legend. During World War I she was spotted by British soldiers who left the island shortly after. In WWII she sunk a German boat that was close to the island and forced the Germans to retreat home. In the year 1980 a group of explorers came to her island in search of her, but when they found her ran away in fear. And in the year 2000 a group of people where making a documentary about Diana and visited the island, but ended up flying off the island when Diana slowly came out of the water with a dead shark on her back. This was the last big thing that happened with Diana, that is until the modern day, when a jet crashed on Themyscira. She dragged the man inside out of the jet as he slowly woke up. At first the man was terrified, but slowly calmed down when he realized Diana wasn't planning on hurting him. The man introduces himself as Steve Trevor, but Diana asks him to leave the island. He asks why, and she explains that she protects the island, but then realizes she has no one left to protect. After realizing this Diana becomes depressed, but then Steve tells her that where he comes from needs someone to protect it. This makes Diana happy, as she will be given a purpose again, and asks Steve to take her to Steve's home, America.

The Odd One Out

The Giantess

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