Zara Cor-Ta (New Earth)
Real Name Zara Cor-Ta
Relatives Cor-Ta (Father)
Affiliation Sinestro Corps
Base Of Operations Sector 2813
Alignment Neutral
Universe New Earth
Gender Female
Hair Black


Zara Cor-Ta was a teenage freedom fighter on Krypton, part of a group intent on having the Kryptonian populace listen to Jor-El. During this time, General Zod was placed in the Phantom Zone and a yellow lantern ring targeted at him, unable to enter the Phantom Zone, went to the nearest possible candidate for the ring - Zara. The ring attached itself to her and claimed she was worthy of it because of her goal to strike fear into the hearts of the Kryptonians who otherwise wouldn't listen. She learned how to make complicated structures and studied Kryptonian ships until she could project a fully functional Kryptonian spaceship. While Krypton was destroyed, she rescued her fellow fighters and followers of Zor-El.

Encounter With The Red Lanterns

The Kryptonians thrived in a yellow sun for decades under the fair yet fearful rule of Zara, building a new Krypton and not aging. A nearby red star was used as a nursery, allowing their young to age at a normal rate until maturity, when they would move to the yellow star galaxy. However, the nursery was one day attacked by the red lanterns, who knew a yellow lantern was in the Kryptonians' midst. The children were evacuated by Zara, while the parents stayed to defend, but for the most part were slaughtered. Soon, though, the red lanterns spotted Zara and attacked her. The Sinestro Corps arrived in the nick of time, who Zara was yet to meet personally, introducing themselves as the galaxy's fearmongers. Deciding to get back at the red lanterns, she agreed to join them.