Zatanna is a Video Game based on the DC Character of the same name, it is a PC exclusive.


by default, Zatanna is moved with WASD and she can sprint with Q, the space bar allows her to jump and if you hold the E key she flies. With the I key she fires a ball of fire, with O she uses a water whip, throughout the game she collects red, blue, green and white skulls which the game calls Souls, with these she can colect other spells, which the player uses with an inventory screen, later she learns how to combine spells, such as combining a water spell and a fire spell to create a spell named Oposits Atract, which has the water whip, whiping a fire ball towards the enemy, another example has her fire water at her enemy before turning it to ice, creating an ice spear. On the start screen there is also a level select, which allows you to go back or forward to certain parts of the game.



Sindella Zatara is killed by a woman named Allura, who then curses her daughter to have demons in her mind. The tutorial begins, which has Zatanna walking around her mind, killing off demons. Once all of them are defeated she wakes up and finds out she has been asleep for five years.

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